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Pro Day in Images at SJSU

Former SJSU RB Tyler Neven’s Spartan glove, March 18, 2022
photo by: Vic Aquino

Pro Day, March 18, 2022, where NFL scouts prod, measure and observe would-be participants:

  • Nick Starkel, QB
  • Jack Snyder, OT
  • Derrick Deese Jr., TE
  • Tyler Nevens, RB
  • Jay Lenard, DB
  • Tre Webb, DB
  • Will Hart, P
  • Trevon Sydney, WR
  • Terrell Townsend, DE
  • Billy Bob Humphreys, TE
  • Bobby Brown, DB

They say an image can be worth a 1,000 words. Here’s 24,000 words in action shots on a nice spring day in San Jose.

For those who might be chomping at the bit for football season, spring ball will have to do.

Can fall season come fast enough?