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Boise State Position Preview: Offensive Line

Can this group finally take the next step?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 UTEP at Boise State Photo by Tyler Ingham/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The recruiting cycle is done, and the season is behind us. Some schools are only weeks away from starting Spring football, and off-season workouts are in full swing. Now that we have an idea as to what Boise State’s roster will look like heading into the Fall, we are going to take a weekly look at each position group for this team. This week we look at the offensive line.

Left Tackle

John Ojukwu (6th year)

Jacob Golden (Redshirt Junior)

In the ideal world, I would really like to see Dooley here and Ojukwu on the other side. But I am not optimistic that the coaching staff will make that kind of change. Ojukwu has been decent, but he will really need to take a significant step in his final season if this team is going to make a run at a big bowl game.

Left Guard

Cade Beresford (Redshirt Senior)

Garrett Curran (Redshirt Senior)

Curran has started a number of games, but Beresford is the real deal and will most likely start at one of the guard positions. I like Beresford on the left side, as he can help make up for some of the ineffencies at left tackle.


Kekaniokoa Holomalia-Gonzalez (Redshirt Senior)

Will Farrar (6th Year)

KHG’s injury put the entire offensive line in shambles last season. The position was in flux for most of the season until Jake Stetz slid over from his guard position. If KHG can stay healthy, it will be a huge boost to the entire offensive line.

Right Guard

Mason Randolph (Redshirt Freshman)

Jacob Golden (Redshirt Junior)

We will likely see Curran or Beresford here at the start of the season. But I have heard on multiple occasions that Randolph is the real deal. The last time I heard this kind of buzz around a redshirt offensive lineman, his name was Ezra Cleveland. If Randolph wins the spot, that is great news for the future of the offensive line.

Right Tackle

Ben Dooley (Redshirt Junior)

Jacob Golden (Redshirt Junior)

Dooley hasn’t been perfect, but I think he was our most consistent offensive lineman outside of Jake Stetz. He probably starts at right tackle, but I would love to see him give Ojukwu a push for the left tackle spot. It is also possible that we could see Dooley at guard if the coaches like Randolph or Beresford more on the outside.

There are sure some depth issues as I look at this list. Most of the backups have very little playing experience even though they are listed as juniors and seniors. The addition of Beresford, KHG staying healthy, and the emergence of Mason Randolph will be critical to the success of this unit.

The offensive line will be the group that most fans have their eyes on heading into the season. Is there enough talent in this group for them to take the next step? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.