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2022 East-West Shrine Game Stock Report

How did the Mountain West players fare in this game?

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Fresno State Kiel Maddox-USA TODAY Sports

Following the game, let’s look at how each player changed their stock. Keep in mind information can be hard to come by for players, depending on their performance or their position. If anyone else can find info, please post in the comments.

P Ryan Stonehouse (Colorado State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Stonehouse came in and opened some eyes this week. He had many impressive punts and it seemed like he was consistent, which is one of the best traits a specialist can have. Having a punter land on the all-practice team is impressive and shows how well he did. Stonehouse definitely got on some people’s radar.
  • Stock Report: UP

LS Ross Reiter (Colorado State)

  • Twitter Buzz: N/A
  • Synopsis: Reiter was added to the Shrine Game at the last minute, so he had a bit of an uphill battle. Plus, being a long-snapper doesn’t allow many opportunities to turn heads unless he is playing poorly. So in some ways, no news is good news. On the other hand, there were no positive remarks either.
  • Stock Report: SLIGHTLY DOWN

RB Ronnie Rivers (Fresno State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Rivers opened some eyes this week. He either got on or remained on the radar of many and that is a huge win for him. His NFL hopes are alive and now the next step is a good Pro Day showing to continue to showcase his skills.
  • Stock Report: SLIGHTLY UP

RB Calvin Turner (Hawaii)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: It sounds like Turner did more positive than negative at the Shrine Game. He was able to showcase his versatility and how he can be a nice gadget player in an offense. He likely got on the radar as a late-round or UDFA selection as a player who can rush, receiver, and contribute on special teams.
  • Stock Report: UP

OL Zachary Thomas (San Diego State)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: It sounds like Thomas had a pretty good showing during the week of practice at the bowl. However, it also sounds like scouts and coaches are not sure where along the line he is best suited for. Not having a position could be an issue and it sounds like he will need to work on getting more comfortable on the interior of the line between now and his Pro Day.
  • Stock Report: EVEN

OL Jack Synder (SJSU)

  • Twitter Buzz:
  • Synopsis: Snyder made the most of his practice reps and had many highlights as he won the majority of his matchups during the week. He demonstrated lots of skill at guard and showed he could play there after being a tackle in college.
  • Stock Report: UP

TE Derrick Deese Jr (SJSU)

  • Twitter Buzz: N/A
  • Synopsis: There were some people wanting to get a closer look at Deese at the Shrine Bowl, but with no info reported, those people may have come away disappointed. He is the type of player who will likely have a great Pro Day when the time comes, but this probably goes down as a missed opportunity.
  • Stock Report: DOWN