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2022 Recruiting Breakdown: Wyoming

A class with a last-minute surprise and intriguing players

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 30 Wyoming at San Jose State

Welcome to the eighth post in our twelve-part recruiting breakdown series. Today will look at the #8 team in our rankings, Wyoming.

The Cowboys have been a modest program on the recruiting trail under Coach Bohl and balance that out by excelling in player development. This year is more of the same, although the top of their class is filled with quite a few talented athletes who have the potential to turn into very talented college players. This includes the biggest signing day surprise and one of the best recruits coming into the conference. Also, Wyoming explored new avenues by hitting the transfer portal, which is something they are not in the habit of doing. To learn more about their efforts this year, read below.

The Skinny:

  • 23 players signed
  • 18 high school players, 1 JUCO player, 4 transfers
  • 12 offensive, 10 defensive, 1 special teams
  • 1 4-star, 8 3-stars per 247 Composite rankings.
  • Players with a composite rating over 85: 2
  • Players with a composite rating over 82: 2
  • Breakdown by state (not a comprehensive list): 5 Nebraska, 3 Colorado, 3 Texas, 2 California, 1 Iowa, 1 Missouri, 1 Utah, 1 Wisconsin, 1 Wyoming
  • 247 Composite Rankings

- Overall: 105th

- Recruiting: 92nd

- Transfer: 120th

The Players:

QB Caden Becker

Caden is a talented passer out of high school. He has tremendous size and a nice pocket presence as he drops back and fires off strong passes. Becker makes quick decisions as he goes through his reads and slings deep passes with ease. He can also pick up yards with his legs and is challenging to bring down with his big frame. Caden fits the prototype for a Wyoming quarterback and has a chance to be a good one for them.

JUCO QB Evan Svoboda

Evan was identified as one of the quarterbacks in this class after Wyoming saw a few depart. He is a mobile player who has nice touch on deep balls. Becker is poised in the pocket and sees the field well which allows him to make the correct throw. He is an accurate passer with a quick release in the pocket and he throws well on the run. Coach Bohl and Wyoming had success with one junior college quarterback and Evan has the potential to be the next one.

Transfer QB Andrew Peasley

Andrew is a big athlete with a strong who is also a big-time runner. He Peasley is going to make tons of plays with his legs going forward. Peasley is fast and incredibly shifty, able to escape pressure with little issues. He is also a capable passer, able to make effective and accurate throws while on the run. Andrew should add immediate depth to the Cowboy QB room which is in desperate need of capable quarterbacks.

RB LJ Richardson

LJ is a productive running back coming to Wyoming. He is a bruiser between the tackles, capable of pounding through the scrums for extra yards. However, Richardson also displays a burst of speed once he hits an opening and can outrun the secondary. He successfully deploys stiff arms and cuts in the open field to evade defenders. LJ has lots of potential and he should develop well with the Cowboys.

WR Caleb Merritt

Caleb is an extremely talented wide receiver in this class. He is a dynamic player who changes directions effortlessly and is too fast for defenders in the open field. Merritt tracks the ball well in the air and can adjust the timing of his routes to ensure he catches the ball in stride. He has solid hands and is elusive after the catch, juking players for extra yards. Caleb is the playmaker the Cowboys are in need of and has a chance to play right away next year.

WR Charlie Coenen

Charlie is another wide receiver joining the ranks. He is a versatile offensive threat, capable of lining up at wide receiver, in the slot, and in the backfield. Coenen plays greater than the sum of his parts, fighting for extra yards, making a key block, or gaining the needed separation with precise execution on routes. He can make difficult catches in traffic and is a great blocker. Charlie is the type of player that the Cowboys can turn into a productive player given the right opportunities.

TE Isaac Schoen

Isaac is a big tight end who signed with Wyoming. He has a wide catch radius and excels at receiving passes over the middle of the field and running over defenders for extra yards. Schoen moves like a wide receiver with his fluid motion and long strides. He can even take a handoff in the backfield and has an eye for finding a lane to the open field. Wyoming finds big pass-catchers and Isaac fits the mold without question.

OL Luke Sandy

Luke comes to the Cowboys as an offensive lineman. He is a strong player who utilizes his lower body and has a mean streak in his hits. Sandy is a natural run-blocker but he also does an impressive job in pass-protection, shifting his feet well and keeping pass with defensive ends and linebackers. He does a really nice job getting into position after the snap and regularly gets into the second level of the defense with his blocks. Luke should fit right into the Wyoming system and continue to develop in it.

OL Deshawn Woods

Deshawn was a huge signing day surprise for the Cowboys and easily one of the most talented players to enter the conference. His quickness allows him to get in position to block instantly and he has easy power when it comes to pushing defenders back. Woods is capable of playing all over the line thanks to his versatility and is menacing in run-blocking while also being technically sound in pass protection. He is a long, athletic lineman with a nice burst after the snap and room to add to his frame and increase his strength even more. It is rare with offensive linemen, but Deshawn may be able to start immediately next season, likely at a guard position.

OL Rex Johnsen

Rex is a two-way lineman who will be on the offensive side of the football for Wyoming. He is a physical player who does not let defenders get off his blocks, instead, he drives them back and takes them out of the play. Johnsen leads the charge in many ways on runs and often blocks multiple people to clear a path for running backs. He is quick off the snap and nimble from his time as a defensive end and that should aid him on offense. Rex played mostly tackle and that could be his long-term position in college as well.

OL Mykel Janise

Mykel joins the program as an offensive lineman. He is mobile and athletic, able to get off the line and out in front of plays to take on linebackers in the open field. Janise demonstrates sneaky strength and delivers pancake blocks to neutralize defenders. His lateral movement often looks like he is gliding into position and he squares up on blocks nicely. Mykel will need to add some weight to his frame before seeing the field, but he has all the physical tools to succeed at tackle for the Cowboys.

OL Wes King

Wes is another o-line player in this class. His tape indicates he played tight end and defensive end in high school so he will need time to develop at a new position. King already has great size and he is also a high motor player who runs through the whistle to ensure the player goes in favor of his team. He has a lot of blocking experience from his time at tight end and regularly drives defenders back out of the play. Wes will need a year or two to refine his technique but should be up to the task.

DT Jaden Williams

Jaden is being brought in to play an interior d-line position. He is relentless in his pursuit of the quarterback, fighting through blocks until he can disrupt the play. Williams explodes off the line of scrimmage and has impressive quickness for someone his size. He is also stout in run defense, eating up blocks and stopping running backs in their tracks. Jaden will need to add some size as he adjusts to the college game but there is no reason to think he won’t be a successful college player.

DL Jagger Filippone

Jagger comes to the Cowboys to join the d-line unit. He is tenacious at the point of contact and enjoys being physical and using his strength to overpower linemen. Filippone is aggressive in his pursuit of the quarterback and displays noticeable speed as he runs down ball-carriers in the backfield. He has great length which allows him to get a hand on the ball and or a ball carrier. Jagger looks like he could slot in at defensive end or tackle and his versatility could allow him to see the field earlier than expected.

DE Kevin Sjogren

Kevin will add depth to the defensive end ranks for the Cowboys. He played all over the field in high school, although d-line will be a new spot for him that he will have to get used to. Sjogren is an instinctual player with great game speed which helps him track down players to make a tackle. He reacts well to plays as they occur and wraps up very well in space when tackling. Kevin will have to transition to a new spot but he should be able to handle it with little issue.

LB Cayden Hawkins

Cayden is a Wyoming signee who is slated to play linebacker. He does a good job finding the gaps in blocks to blow up run plays and can also handle short zone coverage responsibilities in the flat. Hawkins lines up on the edge and gets a running start to blow by offensive tackles or even match up against them with his subtle strength. He goes all out on every play and is determined to make an impact in any way that he can. Cayden is the type of player who will leave his mark in any role asked of him, but looks to be the best fit as an outside linebacker who plays up on the line.

Transfer LB Cole DeMarzo

Cole is a transfer from Michigan State. He is a textbook tackler who can handle both run and pass coverage responsibilities. DeMarzo can cover sideline to sideline with his speed and his length helps him match up against tight ends. He tackles well in the open field and displays an ability to recognize plays thanks to his time on offense. Cole will help to replenish the depth at linebacker for the Cowboy’s next season.

DB Josh Dixon

Josh Dixon comes to Wyoming to play in the secondary. He reads plays well and puts himself in a position to make a play on the ball. Dixon moves well in his backpedal and can cover receivers in a variety of different styles. He also isn’t afraid to step up and stop the run, displaying an ability to tackle in space. If all goes according to plan, Josh should develop into a solid college cornerback.

DB Koa Mcintyre

Koa is another defensive back in this Wyoming class. His time as a quarterback in high school helps him with play recognition and his athleticism helps him get in a proper position to make a play on the ball. McIntyre moves well laterally and possesses great vision as he scans the field to follow the receivers’ routes. He tracks the ball well in the air and once he intercepts the ball, he is a threat to score with elusiveness in the open field. Koa’s athleticism and football IQ will help him see the field early in his career.

DB Malique Singleton

Malique is another player to boost the defensive back depth. He is a tackle machine, laying physical hits in the open field as the last line of defense. Singleton also holds his own in coverage, matching the speed of the receivers and is able to get a hand on the ball. He is a natural ballhawk who is dynamic with the ball in his hands. Malique has the potential to be another talented Cowboy safety during his college career.

Transfer DB Deron Harrell

Deron is transferring in from Wisconsin. He played quarterback as well as cornerback in high school and his time on offense helps him recognize plays. Harrell tracks the ball well and is athletic enough to get in the proper position to shield the receiver and make a play on the ball. He covers a lot of ground with his speed and isn’t afraid to be physical in the open field when he needs to be. Deron should be able to contribute right away next season.

Transfer DB Jakorey Hawkins

Jakorey is another transfer, this one hailing from Mississippi. He is fierce in the secondary, delivering punishing hits on receivers who come over the middle. Hawkins succeeds in roaming around as a deep safety and flocking to the ball to make a play. He has the speed and instincts to cover receivers and tackles well in space. Jakorey should add immediate talent to the Cowboy secondary.

LS Carson York

Carson is the rare scholarship long-snapper. He is accurate and consistent in his snaps, the two most important traits for anyone at his position. York also impresses with how quickly he gets downfield after he snaps the ball. He has good technique tackling and this can allow him to impact special teams in multiple ways. Carson could see the field right away and has a chance to make an impact for the Wyoming special teams unit.

Writer’s Thoughts:

Overall, the 2022 Wyoming recruiting class has been a pretty solid one. They have stuck to recruiting players with great football fundamentals and IQ with the addition of a couple of high-level recruits, as well as recruits with great upside/development potential. In my eyes, players like OL Deshawn Woods (the no. 1 recruit from the state of Nebraska) and WR Caleb Merritt ( no. 19 in the state of Missouri) are the key additions that have the potential to have the biggest and most immediate impact. Wyoming has also landed its fair share of transfers this season, including the likes of QB Andrew Peasley (Utah State), QB Evan Svoboda (Snow College), CB JaKorey Hawkins (Ole Miss), and LB Cole Demarzo (Michigan State). As for the QB situation, which will be a huge focus for Craig Bohl and his staff come training camp, it’s looking like it could be a battle of new recruits between Peasley and Svoboda. Right now, I would give Svoboda the edge based on the fact that he has been turning a lot of heads at Wyoming since his high school days. The 6’ 5” former JUCO QB has even drawn many comparisons to former Wyoming QB Josh Allen, and he is my pick to win the job out of camp.

This year’s Wyoming class is one of its most diverse in years, representing a total of 13 states across the country. It also includes 18 high school signees and six transfer students, including four from FBS schools. The talent across the board is also relatively high, with Wyoming landing one four-star recruit and 12 three-star recruits (According to 247 Sports). Hope and optimism is high so far for a 2022 recruiting class that has the potential to impact a lot of games next year.

Quick Hits:


Mike: Woods, Merritt, Becker

Willie: Woods, Merritt, Becker

Talented enough to play right away:

Mike: Woods, Merritt, Svoboda

Willie: Woods, Merritt, Svoboda

Sleeper Recruit:

Mike: Dixon, Richardson

Willie: Dixon, Sandy

Best unit:

Mike: Offensive Line, Wide Reciever

Willie: Offensive Line


All in all, there is a lot to like about this Wyoming class. They have a star recruit and several other recruits who they are high on with potential to become high-impact players. The rest of the class features the classic Bohl recruit; intriguing measurables and football fundamentals. The Cowboys will rely on their tried and true development methods to hope to get the most out of these players are they attempt to restock the program following the exodus this winter. Combined with the incoming transfers, it is a class that is built well on paper and can make some noise on the field if all goes well.

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