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Mountaintop View 2-17-22

The 2022 football schedule is out, Boise State hoops recruiting, schedule analysis, hoops scores, and more from yesterday

NCAA Football: Ball State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Mountain West Announces 2022 Football Schedule

The Super Bowl concluded on Sunday, signaling the end of another football calendar year. The Mountain West wastes no time moving on to the next! Which games are you excited for?

MWC West college football preview: Projections, burning questions for every team ($)

Bill Connelly previews the West Division. Overall, he’s projecting a down year for the division. Only Fresno State, San Diego State, and San Jose State projected to finish with bowl eligibility. Yay for college football talk in February!

Boise State making waves in basketball recruiting?!

Chris Murray takes a look at Nevada’s schedule

Kirk Kenney analyses San Diego State’s schedule

Basketball scores from last night

On The Horizon:

Today: Boise State Position Preview: Running Back

Today: 2022 Recruiting Breakdown: UNLV

Tomorrow: 2022 Recruiting Breakdown: Wyoming