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Mountain West Reacts Results: All about bowl games. Best draw, worst draw, transfer portal.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

We asked the questions, you vote on the answers, we provide the results.

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Bulldogs Best Draw

Fresno State and Air Force get Power 5 matchups, which is always great. It’s also a bit sad when a 7-5 PAC team and 6-6 Big 12 teams are the best matchups the Moutain West can get for their teams.

Broncos Worst Draw

The nine-win, MWC runner-up is regulated to a game against the seven-win CUSA runner-up. Like most MWC teams, they deserve a better fate, including SJSU and Wyoming.

Holding Steady in the Portal

Maybe some fans of teams are feeling differently than a few days ago, as at least two teams are getting gutted. Or maybe those are the fans who voted “Things are looking bleak”. Or maybe fans have just accepted the fate of some players leaving every year.