Greatest 7 Remarkable NFL Game Records Of All Time

Setting a record in sports is a remarkable achievement. However, doing it in the NFL with the game’s physical nature is incredible. Over the years, there have been many historical records. However, some are almost impossible to break because of how the modern game is played.

The modern-day NFL games are also trendy among sports betting sites. If you are new to NFL betting, you can use this experts’ list of NFL bookies to select a top betting platform. This article looks at seven remarkable NFL game records of all time. Let’s dig in!

7. Vince Lombardi

NFL Record: 900 postseason winning percentage

Now you know why the Super Bowl trophy is named after him. Vince would lose only one postseason game in ten appearances. After that, he would proceed to win five championships with the Green Bay Packers. Three of the five championships were NFL titles, while two were during the Super Bowl age.

There are many top coaches in the modern game. However, the league has become very competitive, and it would be challenging for any coach to achieve what Vince achieved.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: Allowed six punts blocked

The 1988 season was catastrophic for the Pittsburgh Steelers after finishing with a 5-11 record. It was a transitional season, and the team had many young and inexperienced players. They found the season challenging, their special unit was perhaps their worst, and they entered the record books for all the wrong seasons.

In that season, the Steelers let in six blocked punts, an NFL record. It was a campaign to forget, and punter Harry Newsome is the record holder for the most career blocked punts with 14 blocked.

5. Emmitt Smith

Record: 18355 career rush yards

Smith remains one of the greatest running backs in the history of the NFL. He was a key player for the Dallas Cowboys. Moreover, he won three Super Bowl trophies with the Cowboys in his illustrious career. Furthermore, he rushed for 1000 or more yards in 11 of the 15 seasons he played in the NFL.

This is an extremely difficult record for any running back to achieve because of how the game is approached nowadays. For example, teams throw the ball more, meaning running backs get fewer handoffs. Furthermore, the increased physical intensity means running backs have shorter careers.

4. Jarry Rice

Record: 22895 career receiving yards

Rice is regarded as the greatest wide receiver of all time. He won three Super Bowl rings while at the San Francisco 49ers. Moreover, he set multiple records in his memorable career. However, his receiving yards record is the one unlikely to be broken.

Even though teams throw the ball more and rule changes aim to protect offensive players, it is nearly impossible for any wide receiver in the modern game to come close to Rice’s record.

3. Don Shula

Record: 347 career coaching wins

Shula is unquestionably one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time. During his coaching career, he coached Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins. He led his teams to five Super Bowl appearances. Shula won two Super Bowls with the Dolphins, 14 division titles, and turned in only two losing seasons.

Bill Belichick is the only coach with the potential to reach this record. The New England Patriots head coach recently reached the 300 career wins landmark.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Record: 18 consecutive road wins from 1988 to 1990

Winning an NFL match is not a walk in the park. Moreover, winning it on the road is even tougher! But winning 18 consecutive road games is a remarkable achievement. This achievement by the 49ers remains the stuff of legend.

The team had players like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, and Bill Walsh as the head coach. There was only one word to describe them- unstoppable!

1. Brett Favre

Record: 297 consecutive starts

Football is becoming a very physical sport; this is perhaps the most challenging record to break. Brett started all the games from 1992 in his first season at Green Bay Packers until 2010. This saw him record 297 games, or 321 if you include playoffs.

It was not easy, as he had to overcome multiple injury setbacks. He achieved these numbers at Green Bay, the Jets, and Minnesota Vikings.