Week 9 Mountain West Football Recap

So far, Ohio State is the team that has looked the best. While this can be viewed as a subjective opinion, it is tough to dispute it. After their 44-31 win over Penn State, the Buckeyes are now 8-0.

Furthermore, they have registered double digits in all their eight wins. Their defense and offense have made things look effortless, having topped 40 six times and restricted their challengers to 21 or fewer points seven times.

Just a few days before the committee returned with its first rankings of the season, Week 9 didn't ultimately alter the playoff situation. But it was a week when the frontrunners flexed their muscles just in time for the selection committee to withdraw to a hotel conference room with stat sheets and cold coffee for the first time this season.

This was after Ohio State's tenacious victory over Penn State, Tennessee's singular focus on defeating Kentucky, and Georgia's most recent dominance of its rival in Jacksonville. The action-packed weekend was also exciting for those who wager on NCAAF because they had to be on top of their game. If you are among them, click here to discover the top-rated cash app casinos available online. Let's take a closer look at what went down in week 9!

Tennessee's Most Complete Performance Thus Far!

While Tennessee could have been distracted by their upcoming matchup against Georgia next week, they instead put on arguably their best performance of the season. Hendon Hooker and Jalin Hyatt connected perfectly, and their defense was on top gear forcing Will Levis into three interceptions.

Georgia was Relaxed and Impressive

UGA toyed with Florida the way a predator would play with its prey before devouring it! They dazed Florida with early haymakers letting the Gators think they had a chance before they snapped the trap shut for good during the fourth quarter.

The terrifying aspect about Georgia is not even how dominant they have been. It is how they are good at hanging back, biding the time, and only attacking when they feel threatened.

Michigan Turns Winning Ugly into an Art!

Michigan's modus operandi was on display when they came up against rival Michigan State. The Wolverines were leading 13-7 through two quarters, and everything was going their way.

However, in the second half, the Wolverines shifted into overdrive and scored on their first four drives and six straight at one point. Their second-half performance saw them win the match 29-7. Their defense continued its dominant performances, and Michigan State became the 5th opponent it restricted to a single touchdown.

Ohio State Remains the Team to Watch

Ohio State put in the best performance in Week 9. If they had been testing how fast the engine could go in the past seven weeks, the win against Penn State was different. They played the match at a lower gear and focused on muscle and torque to secure the win.

At the end of the battle, their eighth consecutive double-digit win looked sexy. If you had questions about the Ohio State team, they must have all been answered in their Week 9 performance!