The Best Places to Have a Birthday Party If You're On a Budget

Throwing the perfect birthday party for your child can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Without breaking the bank, you can still throw a memorable and fun birthday celebration. Here are some of the best places for birthdays to have a budget-friendly birthday party:

Local Parks – Check with your local parks to find out what amenities they have available and whether you need a permit. Parks often offer picnic tables, BBQ pits, playgrounds, and other activities that make the perfect setting for a party. Just remember to bring your own food and decorations!

Many parks have shelters that can be rented for an affordable price. However, picnic tables or other park areas are usually free to use if you're not renting the shelter.

Church room or playground - Many churches offer fellowship halls or playgrounds to couples looking for an affordable venue for their wedding day. They understand how costly weddings can be and want to help out however possible. For active church members, there is usually no rental fee. Non-members might have to pay a deposit, but it will be refunded as long you leave the space in the condition you found it.

If you don't have a place of worship, consider asking your friends or family if they would be willing to rent a church space.

Library - Libraries are great places to host a birthday party as they are often free or inexpensive. Not only can you borrow books and movies, but they also have plenty of activities like book readings, sing-alongs, and arts and crafts that kids will love. Just make sure to check first with the library if they offer any birthday party packages or if they have any restrictions on the activities you can do.

Backyard - If you have a big enough backyard, it can make the perfect place to host your child's birthday party. You can set up tents and tables on the lawn, plan games or activities for everyone to enjoy, and even roast marshmallows over a fire pit. Plus, there won't be any rental fees since it's your backyard.

Bowling Alley - Bowling alleys often offer very affordable birthday packages, including shoe rental, food, drinks, and even some bowling games. It's a great way to have fun and ensure everyone has something to do. Make sure you plan, as many bowling alleys require that you reserve ahead of time.

Escape Room - A fun and unique birthday party idea is to rent an escape room. Escape rooms provide a great interactive way for people of all ages to have fun together. Most escape rooms will let you rent the space out, usually just charging an hourly rate. This can be affordable if you want something different from the norm.

Many "pay as you play" venues in Sydney and Melbourne don't require a long-term commitment or large deposits. Entermission Sydney is one of them. These can be great places to celebrate your birthday if you want something unique and affordable.

Escape room games are also gaining massive popularity in the US. You can check out "Mythical Escapes" in New York City for great deals on birthday activities. Besides, New York is a place of some great and budget-friendly escape rooms. Escape room Rochester NY is fantastic for those on a budget.


So don't let a tight budget keep you from throwing a fun and memorable birthday party! There are plenty of great, affordable venues to choose from. Just do your research and look around. With creativity, you can plan the perfect birthday party that won't break the bank. Good luck!