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2022-2023 MWC Coaching Carousel Tracker

Tis the season, track all the comings and goings of Mountain West coaches here.

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This article is dedicated to updating the latest happenings in regards to the coaching carousel in the MWC.

So be sure to check here daily for the latest news.

Vacant Positions:

Colorado State: Director of Player Personnel

New Mexico: LB

San Jose State: Special Teams

UNLV: Recruiting Director

Utah State: Director of Player Personnel


  • 6-16-23: Jordan Pu’u-Robinson has been hired defensive ends coach, and Steven Irvin has been brought in as the new corners coach for the program.
  • 6-8-23: Fresno State hired Demetri Wilson as Director of Recruiting Operations.
  • 6-4-23: Maryland is hiring Kelsea Winkle for its role of director of on campus recruiting.
  • 5-17-23: Abe Elimimian has left the program. It is rumored he will be going to a Power 5 program.
  • 4-6-23: Utah State hired Rodney Freeman II as their RB coach.
  • 4-6-23: San Diego State reportedly hired Jimmy Beal as their RB coach.
  • 3-25-23: Hawaii Safeties coach Josh Brown tweeted that he will join the staff at UTEP.
  • 3-23-23: Fresno State Recruiting Coordinator Albert Garcia tweeted that he will join the staff at Stanford.
  • 3-17-23: Utah State hired Mitchell White as their CB coach.
  • 3-17-23: Nevada hired Michael Barton as their OLB and Special Teams coach.
  • 3-8-23: Nevada Outside LB and Special Teams coach Joe Bolden left for a similar role at Tulsa.
  • 3-8-23: Air Force announced Taylor Stubblefield as their new WR coach.
  • 3-7-23: It is being reported that Northwestern will hire Utah State CB coach LaMarcus Hicks as their CB coach.
  • 3-4-23: SDSU RB Coach Ron Gould is leaving to coach with the LA Rams.
  • 3-2-23: UNLV RB coach Scott Baumgartner announced he is leaving to go to Tennessee State.
  • 3-1-23: UNLV announced Hunkie Cooper as their Director of Football Player Development.
  • 2-24-23: Utah State announced as their new DC (and presumably their Safeties coach).
  • 2-23-23: Wyoming announced the hiring of Brian Hendricks as their DEs coach.
  • 2-21-23: It is reported that Boise State Director of Recruiting Operations Jason Cvercko will be hired for a player personnel role at Arizona State.
  • 2-21-23: It is reported that Utah State DC and Safeties coach Ephraim Banda will be leaving to take a position with the Cleveland Browns.
  • 2-20-23: Air Force WR coach Ari Confesor took the same position at Wake Forest.
  • 2-19-23: Utah State announced they are promoting Kyle Cefalo to Co-OC/WR coach and hiring Cooper Bassett as OL coach. Also, Blake Anderson will call the plays and coach the QB’s.
  • 2-14-23: Wyoming announced that DE coach Marty English is retiring after 37 seasons of coaching.
  • 2-9-23: Utah State announced a number of moves, including Tevita Finau as the DL coach, and Monay Swafford as the new Director of Player Personnel.
  • 2-7-23: It is being reported that Fresno State will be making changes with their recruiting and player personnel staff.
  • 2-6-23: San Diego State announced Jonathan Krause as their wide receivers coach and announced Ron Gould as their running backs coach.
  • 2-2-23: Fresno State announced the hiring of Aaron Prier as their RB coach.
  • 1-31-23: Boise State announced James Montgomery as their RB coach. They also announced Demario Warren will be in charge of special teams in addition to his other duties.
  • 1-31-23: Fresno State announced the promotion of Pat McCann to OC. Also, they announced Matt Wade would be elevated to Quarterback coach.
  • 1-30-23: San Diego State announced Bojay Filimoeatu as their defensive line coach.
  • 1-30-23: Wyoming announced Kirby O’Meara as their Director of Player Personnel.
  • 1-28-23: Wyoming is rumored to hire Kirby O’Meara as their Director of Player Personnel.
  • 1-20-23: Keith Bhonapha has been hired as the new running backs coach at Oregon State.
  • 1-17-23: San Diego State announced that OC/RB coach Jeff Horton has retired, and that QB coach Ryan Lindley has been elevated to OC.
  • 1-16-23: SDSU WR coach Hunkie Cooper has been dismissed, according to this report.
  • 1-13-23: New Mexico announced a few different coaching changes. Cornelius Williams will be the wide receivers coach, Cam Blankenship will be the OL coach, and Joe Scelfo will coach the tight ends. In a bit of a novel idea, Heath Ridenour will coach quarterbacks and will also coach in multiple facets of the offense along all positions.
  • 1-12-23: Fresno State announced Brian Armstrong as their OL coach.
  • 1-10-23: UNLV officially announced Brennan Marion as their OC/QB.
  • 1-10-23: It is reported that New Mexico is hiring Joe Scelfo as their OL coach. This contradicts the report from 1-6-23.
  • 1-8-23: It is reported Utah State Director of Player Personnel Dave Roberson will join the TCU recruiting staff.
  • 1-8-23: It is reported Brennan Marion will be the UNLV OC/QB.
  • 1-6-23: It is being reported Cam Blankenship will be the New Mexico OL coach.
  • 1-5-23: New Mexico promoted CB coach Troy Reffett to DC.
  • 1-5-23: UNLV officially hired Michael Scherer as their DC/LB coach
  • 1-4-23: Texas A&M is reportedly hiring UNLV OC Bobby Petrino for the same position.
  • 1-4-23: Missouri is reportedly hiring Fresno State OC Kirby Moore for the same position.
  • 1-2-23: SDSU DL coach Justin Ena has been hired by BYU.
  • 1-2-23: UNLV announced the hiring of Del Alexander as WR coach.
  • 1-1-23: New Mexico announced the hiring of Bryant Vincent as their OC and QB coach.
  • 12-28-22: UNLV announced three more coaching hires. Vance Vice for offensive line, Ricky Logo for defensive line, and Jeff Fish as the Director of S&C.
  • 12-23-22: UNLV announced they have hired two coaches and retained two other coaches. Cornell Ford will be the running backs coach and Akeem Davis be the cornerbacks coach. Also, Nate Longshore will remain the tight ends coach, while Damon Magazu is retained to coach the safeties.
  • 12-23-22: Boise State announced they have hired Erik Chinander as their DL coach. Former DL coach Frank Maile is leaving for Washington State (officially announced on 12-27-22).
  • 12-23-22: Colorado State Director of Player Personnel Lucas Gauthier announced he was stepping down and away from football.
  • 12-22-22: Boise State hired Ben Hilgart as the Director of Sports Performance and hired Jabril Frazier as the Edge coach.
  • 12-22-22: UNLV has hired James Shibest as the special teams coordinator (he may also coach another position but it wasn’t stated).
  • 12-21-22: It is reported that New Mexico is targeting Bryant Vincent for the OC job.
  • 12-17: Rocky Long officially accepted the DC job at Syracuse.
  • 12-15: It is being reported that UNLV will hire Bobby Petrino as their OC (presumably the QB coach too), and Del Alexander as their WR coach. Plus, James Shibest as their special team coordinator.
  • 12-14-22: Boise State announced the hiring of Bush Hamdan as the OC/QB coach.
  • 12-13-22: Syracuse is targeting Rocky Long to be their DC
  • 12-11-22: It is reported that Boise State S&C coach Reid Kagy is leaving for Iowa State.
  • 12-9-22: Arkansas LBs coach Michael Scherer is expected to join UNLVs staff as DC.
  • 12-6-22: UNLV has hired Barry Odom as their head coach.
  • 12-6-22: Saga Tuitele is leaving to become the OL coach at Arizona State.
  • 12-4-22: Boise State Edge coach Kelly Poppinga is leaving to go to BYU.
  • 11-30-22: Nevada announced the hiring of Angus McClure as OL coach, meaning Jeff Nady will not return.
  • 11-29-22: Ian McGrew announced he is leaving Wyoming.
  • 11-28-22: UNLV has fired head coach Marcus Arroyo