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UNLV Breaks their Losing Streak while UNR Continues theirs.

UNR continues their losing streak and stakes their place at the bottom of the Mountain West Conference tied with New Mexico. With both teams having an overall record of 2-10 and a conference record of 0-8 it is safe to say they will remain at the bottom of their divisions within the conference.

UNLV improved to 5-7 and broke a six-game losing streak against UNR winning against them 27-22.

UNR marched into Allegiant Stadium to face-off against UNLV as 12.5- point underdogs, however, at the beginning of the game, it seemed as if UNR was going to take the game away from UNLV. With a blocked punt within five minutes of the game, the Wolfpack were able to get a quick field goal making the game 3-0. After stopping another UNLV drive the Wolfpack took possession of the ball and made the game 6-0 with another field goal made by Brandon Talton. The following UNR offensive drive resulted in a 75-yard touchdown from Nate Cox to BJ Casteel making the total of the game 13-0 UNR. Even with the 13-point lead UNLV did not give up and slowly climbed their way back after forcing a fumble and returning it for a 55-yard touchdown defensive score. This fumble recovery for a touchdown seemed to slow down UNR’s once dominant offense at the beginning of the game and jumpstarted UNLV’s offense.

The second quarter was all UNLV. Kyle Williams caught a 45-yard touchdown from Harrison Bailey giving UNLV the one-point lead, however later in the second quarter UNLV was also able to grab a field goal making the game 17-13 UNLV at the half. The third quarter was the least interesting quarter of the game with only UNR making a 40-yard field goal to make the game 16-17, however, the fourth quarter was entertaining football all around on both sides.

The fourth quarter opened up with another UNLV field goal making the game 20-16 and after stopping UNR’s offense once again UNLV’s quarterback Harrison Bailey connected with Nick Williams for a 30-yard touchdown pass making the game a two-score football game 27-16 UNLV. UNR took this two-score deficit challenge head-on and was able to march down the field and score a touchdown, however missing a two-point conversion, making the game 27-22. UNR was able to get the ball back and again marched down the field to UNLV’s three-yard line, however, UNLV’s defense was able to get a stop on fourth down and force UNR to hand the ball back over.

Overall, the Nevada rivalry between the two teams was a great football game with multiple turnovers and a ton of opportunities for both teams to win. UNLV’s quarterback Harrison Bailey finished with a stat sheet of 16-27 for 209 yards and a touchdown and interception ratio of 2-1. UNR’s quarterback Nate Cox also balled out finishing with a stat sheet of 27-44 completions for 278 yards and a touchdown and interception ratio of 1-2.