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UNLV Loses a Wild Game on the Island

The Rebels Bowl Game hopes are destroyed as they lose a heartbreaker against Hawaii.

The Rebel Defense tried to save the game as they came up short against Hawaii
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The Rebels started this game off with what they did so well last week, a field goal. The Rainbow Warriors returned the favor by scoring a TD of their own. The Rebels then kicked another field goal. 1st Quarter ended with a score of 7-6, Rainbow Warriors.

UNLV took the lead with a 1 yard TD pass from QB Doug Brumfield to WR Jeff Weimar. That lead was taken into half time. Rebels led 13-7.

Hawaii scored another TD to start the 3rd Quarter. UNLV followed up with a field goal, however, on that same drive, a TD was called back after an offensive holding penalty. The miscues for the Rebels started here.

After taking the lead with that field goal, the Rebels gave up a 55-yard TD to Hawaii. Then, their next offensive drive, Brumfield threw an interception. This pick led to a Hawaii field goal at the start of the 4th. Hawaii led 24-16.

After a missed field goal for the Rebels, all hope seemed a lost. Then the UNLV defense came up big with a sack fumble by DL Adam Plant Jr. The fumble was recovered by OLB Elijah Shelton and taken into the endzone for a score. Unfortunately the 2-point conversion attempt failed. UNLV was down 24-22 with about eight minutes left in the game.

The next drive, Shelton came up big again with a tackle and a forced fumble of his own. UNLV had the ball back with 7:25 left in the game.

UNLV started to look like they were getting a drive together. On a 4th&5 Brumfield’s pass fell incomplete and the Rebels turned the ball over on down. The next drive, Hawaii rushed for a 34-yard score to put this game on ice.

UNLV attempted the comeback, but could not recover the onside kick after their field goal.

The game ended 31-25, Hawaii.



  • QB Doug Brumfield - 23/37 288 YDS 1 TD 1 INT


  • RB Aidan Robbins - 17 ATT 72 YDS
  • RB Courtney Reese - 18 ATT 55 YDS
  • WR Kyle Williams - 1 ATT 12 YDS


  • WR Kyle Williams - 5 REC 111 YDS
  • WR Ricky White - 4 REC 63 YDS
  • WR Jeff Weimar - 5 REC 54 YDS 1 TD
  • RB Courtney Reese - 2 REC 22 YDS
  • WR Senika McKie - 3 REC 21 YDS
  • RB Aidan Robbins - 4 REC 17 YDS


  • OLB Elijah Shelton - 1 TCK 1 FF (forced fumble) 1 FUM REC 1 TD
  • DL Adam Plant Jr. - 1 SACK 1 FF