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Mountaintop View 11-23-22. NCAA video game, Rankings, close Cowboys, New coach, Final Four locations.

Wyoming v Brigham Young Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

It’s hump day, and a weekend full of games is coming. To get there a bit quicker, take a look at today’s links, plus the content coming your way on our site.

NCAA football game delayed.

Matt Brown broke the news and dives into the reason why here. It seems like they didn’t think they get done everything they wanted to in time. EA is aiming to create an entirely new product, not just a repeat, and perfection takes time. They need to revamp some of the actual game, as well as the teams, stadiums, and other unique experiences of college football. They are still on track to reach an agreement for player likeness in the game. At this rate, they better start working on NCAA 2025 as well.

Murray Rankings.

Chris Murray releases his final MWC football rankings of the regular season. The Broncos and Bulldogs continue to occupy the top two spots. San Diego State makes a somewhat surprising appearance at #3, with the other bowl teams listed in the next four spots, with Utah State jumping SJSU. Hawaii is over UNLV after their win. New Mexico brings up the rear as Nevada still gets their local boost to be #11.

Coach Bohl thankful Cowboys are tight.

Wyoming’s football team has exceeded expectations this year, surprising the conference as one of the youngest teams in the country. Craig Bohl has prioritized creating a family atmosphere with his team this year, having meals with players throughout the year in an attempt to build closer relationships. It’s provided immediate results and has the team hungry to finish the year strong and comes back stronger next year.

New Nevada coach

Future Final Four Sites

On the horizon:

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  • Later today: Bowl Projections: Week 12
  • Coming Thursday: Stats Corner
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  • Coming Friday: Reacts Results (Week 12)
  • Coming Friday: More previews!