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Mountain West Reacts Results (Week 11). California matchup, Border War, Coaching Change? Fox and CBS.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

We asked the questions, you vote on the answers, we provide the results.

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Mountain West game of the week

In somewhat of a surprise, people voted against the Border War. Instead, over half of the people who voted intend on watching the battle between San Jose State and San Diego State. Who will win?

Cowboys picked in the Border War

In the Border War matchup, the votes weren’t even close. Nearly 90% of you foresee the Cowboys being victorious in this annual and historic matchup.

One coaching change... who will it be?

There isn’t necessarily an obviously choice, but a good chunk of people are expecting at least one coaching change and some people think there will two. Do people have specific coaches in mind or are they merely playing the odds?

Fox? CBS? Why not both?

It seems like overall people are happy with both networks affiliated with the Mountain West. It seems like there is a slight lean towards Fox over CBS, but not enough to really distinguish between the two.