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Mountain West Reacts Results: Week 6. Game to watch, Aztec bowl game, Bronco offense, Aggie’s season.

San Diego State v Boise State Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

You voted and here are the results! Read what the fans think will happen this week prior the start of the games.

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Must Watch Mountain West Game

People are sleeping on the Spartans and Rebels, which appears like an early west division championship. Also, it looks like only fans of the teams care about the Norvell reunion game.

Aztecs barely bowling.

85% of you have SDSU at 5 or 6 wins but half of you think they will get to 6 wins to qualify for a bowl. We will see.

The Broncos have figured it out... maybe.

83% of you think Boise State’s offensive improvement is sustainable to some degree. Nearly half of you think they are on to something, although the rest think the gains will only be marginal. We will know more after the Fresno State game.

Not much confidence in the Aggies.

The majority of people think that Utah State will not be able to turn things around.