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Power Rankings: Week 9. Broncos reign supreme, Cowboys and Bulldogs rise, plus more.

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We are back at it. Another week of games, another week of Mountain West teams disappointing, and now another week of rankings. Teams are distancing themselves from one another with each passing week. Through it all, the MWCConnection Power Rankings are back for another week. Let us know what you like and what you don’t. Feel free to drop your own rankings in the comments section.

1) Boise State

No one in the conference looks better than Boise State right now, as they have turned into a completely different team the past four games. They are undefeated in conference play, largely in thanks to a defense that is one of the best in the entire nation. Their offense is adding different dimensions every week and is proving more and more difficult to stop or even plan against. Between the talent they possess and their schemes on both sides of the ball, the Broncos are incredibly difficult to play.

2) Wyoming

Slow and steady is winning the race for the Cowboys. They just continue to win, even if it isn’t always pretty. Each week they find new ways to win, which makes them difficult to plan against but also makes it difficult for them to play consistently. With all that being said, they are the clear second best team in the conference and need to keep things going before their matchup with Boise State. They are taking care of business in their division and will not be an easy game, no matter who they are playing.

3) San Jose State

The Spartans played their first game since the passing of Camdan McWright, and it was a hard-fought emotional battle. They were able to come away with a victory and are tied for the division lead. San Jose State has looked great and well-rounded at times this season but has also had some bad losses and some close calls, making it difficult to know how they will fare week to week. Like so many other teams in the conference this season, they are a talented but flawed team.

4) Fresno State

The Bulldogs are currently firing on all cylinders and if the last game is any indication, are finally healthy. And though they had some rust, they found a way to find get a win and in doing so, are now looking like the favorites to win the division and play in the championship game. At this point in the season, there are still a lot of games left and a lot of work to do, but Fresno State seems primed for a big run.

5) Air Force

Didn’t play, no change to write up

The Falcons drop in the rankings after losing their third game against opponents in their division. It’s been an interesting season for Air Force. It appeared to be their most complete team in recent memory, and they have looked dominant in spurts, but clearly they are inconsistent at this point in the season. They still look like a bowl team and a good one at that. However, barring something completely crazy, they are not a team that will compete for the conference championship.

6) San Diego State

The Aztecs may have finally found a winning combination on offense. Unfortunately, it did not result in a win this past game. A running quarterback gives the team an extra dimension on offense and defenses have to game plan around that. In theory, it should open up the passing game. San Diego State may be figuring things out at the right time, as long as they can become bowl eligible. The division is still up for grabs, and the looming matchups against UNLV and SJSU are important.


Didn’t play, no change to write up

The Rebels are in the middle of a tough stretch and have to figure out how to stop the bleeding if they still want to make a bowl game this season. The injuries have found key players, which is noteworthy, but it doesn’t make their opponents take it easy on them once the game starts. It’s clear that UNLV is a much improved and competitive team, but this is where the rubber meets the road if they want to distinguish themselves this year.

8) Utah State

Didn’t play, no change to write up

The 2022 version of the Aggies are still a mixed bag when it comes to their on-the-field performances. After a tough, grind-it-out win against Colorado State, they came up short against Wyoming this past week. Their defense could not quite keep the Wyoming offense in check, which proved to be the difference. The Utah State offense couldn’t come up with enough big plays and is surely missing the playmakers they featured last season.

9) Colorado State

The Rams had been playing better but that has been against weaker competition. They had a chance to get a better sense of how they stack up against good teams this past weekend, and they did not come close to passing the test. Their offense is still a long way away from being a competent unit and needs more playmakers. The defense isn’t terrible, but it’s not good either. It’s been a trying year to be sure, and at this point. Colorado State should just focus on winning another game before the end of the season.

10) New Mexico

Didn’t play, no change to write up

The Lobos offense is approaching an entirely new level of awfulness. They have failed to score a touchdown in the last eleven quarters and could only manage three field goals in their last game. For the second year in a row, New Mexico has seen a promising start to the season wiped out by a disastrous middle stretch of the season. It is becoming less likely they can turn it around and salvage the season.

11) Hawaii

Another hard-fought game, another gut-wrenching loss. Hawaii may end up leading the conference in moral victories and heartbreaking losses this season. They have made strides on defense and have a few pieces on offense, but neither unit really inspires much fear at this point. Still, it is something to build on.

12) Nevada

The Wolf Pack showed some signs of life this week, taking San Jose State down to the wire. Establishing a passing game was a nice sign of development and the hope is that they can continue to improve over the last month of the season. Unfortunately, Nevada is still in danger of going winless in conference play this season. But it doesn’t look like they are going down without a fight.