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Power Rankings: Week 5. Rebels move up, Bulldogs move down. Lots of changes in between.


We are back at it. Another week of games, another week of Mountain West teams disappointing, and now another week of rankings. Teams are distancing themselves from one another with each passing week. Through it all, the MWCConnection Power Rankings are back for another week. Let us know what you like and what you don’t. Feel free to drop your own rankings in the comments section.

1) Air Force

Another game, another win for the Falcons. It wasn’t their best performance of the season, but going up against another triple option team is challenging since they have so many reps to prepare. However, a win against a chief rival is important no matter the score. The academy still needs to protect the ball a bit better, but they are the top team in the Mountain West until proven otherwise.


The Rebels continue to win and now find themselves as the second-best team in the conference. They have played like it too. The offense continues to find ways to score, especially on the ground. The defense is able to round into form every game as well. UNLV is playing with tons of confidence and handled the challenge from New Mexico. Another big test is coming up this week.

3) San Jose State

The Spartans are winners of the biggest Mountain West Conference game of the week. Their offense had no issues moving the ball and finding the endzone. After struggling to open the season, the team appears to be finding its form and looking like of the bright spots in the conference this year. For their reward, they will play the biggest MWC game again this week. However, if they can find another way to win, their schedule gets easier from there.

4) Wyoming

The Cowboys didn’t move up enough after a win and now move up a spot after a loss. That’s just the way the season is going. When a team drops, someone has to take its place. Wyoming is a good team this year, but it’s hard to know how good as they are playing so inconsistently week to week. Like most every other team on this list, they still have questions on both sides of the ball. However, they are taking care of business more often than not and doing it with such a young roster.

5) Boise State

After looking completely lifeless on offense last week, it was more of the same for the first half of this week. Then suddenly, a completely different Boise State offense showed up and reeled off 35 unanswered points. Three different players completely dominated running the ball and the vaunted SDSU defense looked lost. It will be interesting to see if it’s a sign of things to come or if teams will be able to scheme against it now that they know what’s coming. But for at least a week, things are looking brighter for the Broncos.

6) Fresno State

The Bulldogs plummet in the rankings this week. That may not be entirely fair with injuries to their best players on either side of the ball, but rankings are also about results. In their current state, Fresno State looks like a team in the middle of the conference competing for a bowl. That could change, but this is where they are at. It will be interesting to see what they do on offense going forward.

7) San Diego State

Times are extremely tough for the Aztecs. The offense is nearly nonexistent. First of all, they are committing way too many foolish penalties. They ended their last game on their third-string quarterback and their offensive coordinator did not survive the weekend. The defense is good, but looked clueless last week. And spending so much time on the field isn’t helping them out at all. Making changes is good but will it lead to more positive developments? They will need to find a way to score to make a bowl this year.

8) New Mexico

New Mexico played a very good game this past weekend, but could not find a way to come away with a victory. However, they are competing each and every week. Credit to the Lobos, their coaches have put together great schemes that allow they to have a chance to win, and the players are executing things very well. They just aren’t fully there right now, but it is clear to say they are maximizing their talent at this point.

9) Nevada

Bye week. No change to the paragraph below.

Another week, another tough loss for the Wolf Pack. The good vibes from the first two weeks of the season are long gone and the growing pains of the rebuild are settling in. This is where most thought they would be, so while it is not a surprise by any means, it is still frustrating to watch and even more to endure. The good news is there is still time to turn things around.

10) Utah State

The Aggies weren’t at their best this past week, but they did look better. Cooper Legas played well and he will be the QB going forward. They are still lacking the explosiveness on offense they had last year. And the defense still has lots of question marks. Hopefully, they can find some way to salvage their season and build towards next year.

11) Hawaii

Bye week. No change to the paragraph below.

It was back to reality this week for the Rainbow Warriors and it is a harsh reality indeed. New Mexico State is not a good football team and they handled Hawaii with little issue. There are some bright spots for the team, but they are not enough to change the win total this season. Things are building, but it likely won’t be enough for 2022.

12) Colorado State

Bye week. No change to the paragraph below.

Getting blown out be an FCS team has to be rock bottom right? Right? Rebuilding jobs with a new coaching staff don’t often see success right away. That isn’t the surprising part. The surprising part is that the offense isn’t struggling to put up points despite the majority of the skill players having been in the system for at least a year. Things are bad, but this seems to be a case where they have to get worse before they get better.