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Mountaintop View 10-26-22. Rankings, Lobo retention, new QB, low scoring, MBB Rankings, Olympic POTW

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Fresno State v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

It’s hump day and a weekend full of games is coming. To get there a bit quicker, take a look at today’s links plus the content coming your way on our site.

The Athletic Rankings.

Once again, no Mountain West team comes close to the top 20 in the rankings, which is a surprise to no one. However, Boise State made a big jump from 81 to 55 and could keep climbing. Air Force is only 2 spots behind them (seems a bit too high), with SJSU and Wyoming also in the top 75, and UNLV and SDSU in the top 100. Fresno State seems quite low at 107 and four teams (you know the four) still reside in the bottom ten.

Player retention is critical for Lobos.

New Mexico wins some games, has some competitive losses, and some embarrassing losses. Some players develop as bright spots, and some of them (plus others) leave the team in the offseason. That has been the cycle for the Lobos the past two years and they are looking to break that cycle, because it’s hard to win more on the field if they are losing players quicker than they can develop them. Coach Gonzales talked at length about this at his press conference Monday.

Lobos crown a new starting QB, Justin Holaday

5 Moutain West teams scoring less than most.

Aztecs in the MBB Rankings

Olympic Athletes of the Week

On the horizon:

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