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Utah State drops a game to Wyoming

Aggies drop fifth game of the season to the Cowboys

NCAA Football: Utah State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Bishop Davenport struggled as he thew for 104 yards and completed 17 of his 26 passes and thew an interception. Calvin Tyler Jr. rushed for 83 yards and a touchdown while Brian Cobbs had five receptions for 45 yards. The Aggies struggled to put up 14 points in the 28-14 loss to Wyoming.

Scoring Summary

First quarter

TD WYO; Titus Swen 30 yard touchdown; WYO: 7; USU: 0

Second quarter

TD WYO; Titius Swen five yard touchdown run; WYO: 14; USU: 0

TD USU; Bishop Davenport five yard touchdown run; WYO: 14; USU: 7

FG WYO; John Hoyland 43 yard field goal; WYO: 17; USU: 7

Third quarter

TD USU; Calvin Tyler Jr. 31 yard touchdown run; WYO: 17; USU: 14

FG WYO; John Hoyland 51 yard field goal; WYO: 20; USU: 14

Fourth quarter

TD WYO; Titus Swen six yard run; WYO: 28; USU: 14

FINAL: Utah State: 28; Wyoming: 14

Statistics comparison

First downs: Wyo: 28; USU: 13

Third down conversions: WYO: 7-14 (50%); USU: 5-15 (33%)

Total yards: WYO: 529 yards; USU: 217 yards

Passing yards: WYO: 199 yards; USU: 104 yards

Rushing yards: WYO: 330 yards; USU: 113 yards

Penalties: USU: 1-10; WYO: 5-25

Turnovers: USU: 1; WYO: 1

Time of possession: WYO: 35:09; USU: 24:51

Utah State Players of the Game

Offensive Player of the Game: Calvin Tyler Jr. provided the little spark that Utah State was able to create on offense, going for a 31 yard touchdown to keep it close at the beginning of the second half.

Defensive Player of the Game: Linebacker AJ Vonghachanh was productive this past Saturday with 10 total tackles and a sack, helping to hold Wyoming’s passing game to 199 yards.


Unfortunately for Utah State, a loss to Wyoming does not help their chances of winning the Mountain Division. Neither does a Boise State win at Air Force on Saturday as the Broncos are now in the drivers seat for the division.

Utah State’s offense once again struggled with Bishop Davenport at quarterback but the key stat that turned this game around was Utah State giving up 330 rushing yards, 160 yards and three touchdowns to Titus Swen

The other statistic that hurt Utah State in this game was their third down conversion percentage, where Utah State converted five of their fifteen third downs.

Even though an appearance in the conference championship is very unlikely at this point, it is still very possible for the Aggies to gain bowl eligibility and that is what they need to focus on at this point. Up next for the Aggies is a bye week before a game at New Mexico.