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Camdan McWright (2003 - 2022)

The biggest hit we can take and make

SJS freshman running back Camdan McWright (6) during one of his three carries vs. UNLV, October 7, 2022, CEFCU Stadium, San Jose, CA.
Photo by Douglas Stringer

Early Friday morning in downtown San Jose, Spartan freshman running back Camdan McWright was killed when his electric scooter and a school bus collided.

18-year-old McWright was on his way to a team meeting prior to the team flight to play New Mexico State.

Losing McWright set off a heavy emotional drift that reverberated throughout the community and into the virtualsphere of Spartan supporters.

The Saturday game in Las Cruces, New Mexico was also postponed.

With utmost sincerity and sympathy

The MWC team of writers felt the loss also as one of their own. We stop and stand together for the good of life and to shine light where it is deserved – which is typically of success, tribulation, hardships and in this case, deep sorrow and sadness.

The painful loss of McWright is the third for the Spartan community this year. Long-time sports information director Lawrence Fan and former running back DeJon Packer passed away in February and March, respectively.

Reach out

Most clearly, the profound loss will continue to hit the McWright family the hardest and McWright’s friends and Spartan brothers.

We can trust the culture of San Jose State and its extended family will be in full support.

But to remember sometimes time does not heal all wounds. People do go back to their normal lives and in truth, people can be forgotten, while their families and those closest sometimes never live a normal life again.

Reach out to their family and friends during this vulnerable stage and consider continuing to reach out periodically, like during birthdays and holidays. It’s a bit extra effort, but worth it more than you know.

Continue to reach out, even if you’re uncomfortable. You can just listen and be there. Words aren’t always necessary, especially unsympathetic words (no, sometimes, “Everything will not be OK.”).

The young life energy of McWright (and Fan and Packer) is now directly shared within the Spartan football family to continue to do good, be good and to strive – in their honor.

Continue to reach out.