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Week Eight Fan Guide

Some huge games highlight an exciting weekend

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Week seven saw some surprising results, but week eight is when the pieces start falling into place. There are some huge games this weekend. Teams will see the picture become really clear or very murky. Let’s take a look at what we can expect this weekend.

Teams eliminated from contention: Nobody Yet

Teams that need a miracle (2+ losses): New Mexico, Nevada, Air Force, UNLV

Air Force

vs. Boise State

This is a must-win game for the Falcons who already have two losses in conference, both to division foes. This game could help get Air Force back on track. They could also benefit from a Hawaii victory. The result of the Wyoming-Utah State game helps the Falcons either way, as they need both of those teams to lose a game.

Boise State

@ Air Force

This game can go a long way in securing a division championship for the Broncos. A win is one step closer to their ultimate goal. They would also benefit from a Hawaii victory. I think it also benefits the Broncos if Utah State finds a way to beat Wyoming. Wyoming has the easier schedule the rest of the way.

Colorado State

vs. Hawaii

This might be the last winnable game on the schedule for the Rams. A win here is a must, and it keeps them in the hunt for a division title. They also need Wyoming to beat Utah State.

New Mexico

vs. Fresno State

A loss to Fresno State along with a Boise State win would eliminate the Lobos. They need a miracle to make it to the championship game. Lobos fans should be pulling for Air Force this weekend.

Utah State

@ Wyoming

The Aggies are in a situation where if they win, they control their own destiny for the division. If they lose, they would need a miracle to make the title game. They should also be pulling for Air Force to defeat Boise State.


vs. Utah State

Like Utah State, the Cowboys control their own destiny if they win this game. They would also benefit from Air Force defeating Boise State and Hawaii defeating Colorado State.

Fresno State

@ New Mexico

Last week’s victory was huge for the Bulldogs, and they now control their own destiny in the West. The Bulldogs should be pulling for Colorado State and Nevada this weekend.


@ Colorado State

Hawaii was able to come away with their first victory in conference play this past weekend, and they have another winnable game this weekend as they travel to Fort Collins to take Colorado State. Hawaii would benefit from Nevada beating San Diego State and New Mexico beating Fresno State.


vs. San Diego State

Nevada will need a miracle to contend for the conference title, but a victory over San Diego State would go a long way to getting them on track. They also need Colorado State to beat Hawaii, and New Mexico defeating Fresno State would be a huge help.

San Diego State

@ Nevada

Things may have been bleak in recent weeks, but somehow the Aztecs still control their own fate. This game is an opportunity for the Aztecs to get on track. They could also benefit from victories by Colorado State and New Mexico.

San Jose State

@ New Mexico State

An out of conference game this weekend. Last week’s result has put the Spartans in the postion of being fans of whoever is playing Fresno State. For that reason, they are big New Mexico fans this weekend. They should also be pulling for Nevada and Colorado State.


@ Notre Dame

Rebels fans just need to hope that they can make it through this weekend without any major injuries. They are a longshot to contend for the division championship. Bowl contention needs to be the number one priority for this team, as they will likely be 4-4 heading into their bye.

Which games will you be watching this weekend? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.