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Mountaintop View 10-18-22

As the search for the Tennessee goalposts continue, click the links for updated happenings in the Mountain West!

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Fresno State

Week 7 is in the books and the links take a look at who stood out in play over the weekend, some strange occurrences that transpired, and how the College Football Empires Map changed since the previous week. Enjoy!!

Week 7 MW FB Players of the Week

MWFB Week 7 Top Plays

See the weekends top plays as voted by the Mountain West.

On3’s 2022 rising star college sports administrators you need to know

A Mountain West Athletic Director makes this list. Much like the livability of Boise, hard to keep this man a secret!

Ramey: The case against Nevada turning to younger players in effort to build for future

With their losing streak now at 5 games, this opinion states how Coach Ken Wilson should stay the course with the best players instead of using younger players for experience sakes.

Fresno State football coach placed on leave after breaking glass in press box, injuring fans

A fit of anger has placed an unnamed coach on administrative leave.

Referee addresses UNLV marching band in odd moment during college football game

In a scene I don’t recall ever seen, the game referee goes up into the stands to tell them to cease playing at inappropriate times. No answer yet if he was also looking for the Tennessee goalposts as well.

Week 7 College Empires Map

Tennessee, Utah, Michigan, Kentucky, Stanford, Georgia Southern, and ODU make moves

On the horizon:

  • Later Today: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Week 7
  • Later Today: Reacts Questions: Week 8
  • Coming Wednesday: Peak Perspective: An Interview with Sierra Garcia
  • Coming Wednesday: Bowl Predictions: Week 7