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Peak Perspective: Mountain West 2022 Mid-Season Grades. The grades are in, what did each of the 12 teams receive?

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

We are right around the mid-point of the season, which is following week four this year, so even though it feels like the season just started, let’s hand out some midseason grades.

The grades are based on a system we started a few years ago and are continuing. For each team, we list two grades. The first is an objective grade, meaning a grade based on how each team is in relation to the rest of the teams in the country (a more traditional grade). The second is an adjusted grade, which is based on how the team is performing in relation to itself and its own expectations. This hopefully will provide a more well-rounded depiction of each team, as some teams can be doing well compared to expectations but not well overall. Similarly, a team can have a good record but not be meeting their own expectations.

As far as grades go, the A range is exceptional, Bs are very good, a C grade means average, D range is disappointing/not doing well, and Fs are awful.

Check it out below, and don’t forget to comment on what you agree or disagree with (just state what you would do differently).

Note: Due to the down year in the Mountain West, no team will get an objective grade in the A range at this point. Adjusted grades will be another story.

Air Force

  • Objective Grade: B
  • Adjusted Grade: B-

This was supposed to be Coach Calhoun’s best team, the team that would bring them a conference championship. To be clear, that goal is still within reach for the Falcons. However, it is clear they are not head and shoulders above the rest of the league and so far, look like a good but not great team. Since the conference is so wide open, they are still as likely to win the conference as anyone else.

Boise State

  • Objective Grade: B-
  • Adjusted Grade: C-

The Broncos are very fortunate the grades did not come out two weeks ago, where they would have received two F’s. Through all the turmoil and ineffectiveness and personnel/scheme changes, Boise State has still managed to win four of its first six games. They are also very likely to keep getting better as the season goes on. They are 2-0 in the brutal three-game stretch that was going to make or break their season. Although they have two tough games left on their schedule, neither seem like the guaranteed losses they were a few weeks ago.

Colorado State

  • Objective Grade: F
  • Adjusted Grade: F

The Rams weren’t expected to do too much this season, but they have still been awful even when taking that into consideration. They finally got a win this past week but even that wasn’t inspiring. It’s not necessarily that they’ve been bad, it’s how they’ve been bad. Their vaunted offensive system is struggling to score points, especially through the air. Injuries have played a role to be sure, but so has a lack of efficiency and a shortage of explosive plays.

Fresno State

  • Objective Grade: C+
  • Adjusted Grade: C-

The Bulldogs were another team expected to be a tier above the rest of the conference and find themselves in the conference championship game at the end of the year. However, the latter is in jeopardy because of the mounting injuries. What was one of the more balanced and complete Mountain West teams has been struggling to find ways to win games the past few weeks. They still have a high amount of talent but aren’t able to put together a full game. Hopefully, they can get healthy and get back on track, but they have basically looked like a middle-of-the-conference team overall.


  • Objective Grade: F
  • Adjusted Grade: C

No one figured the Rainbow Warriors were going to be good this year, and the play on the field has matched those expectations. They don’t have many playmakers on offense and the defense has been slow and out of position more often than not this year. On the other hand, their adjusted grade looks higher because they are doing exactly what everyone thought they would do. They are figuring out what works and despite all the losing, the players have not given up on the season. All of that to say there is a glimmer of hope for the future.


  • Objective Grade: D-
  • Adjusted Grade: D

The Wolf Pack are not a very good team. They got a few early season wins that turns out to be fool’s gold as they have come back to earth since then. However, the team is competing and has a legitimate strength in their running game. Unfortunately, that is their only strength and teams have schemed against that with success more often than not. They need to figure things out at the helm of the offense, among other things, but this is more or less where they were expected to be.

New Mexico

  • Objective Grade: D+
  • Adjusted Grade: C+

New Mexico has been competitive this season, although it hasn’t led to as many wins as they would like. The defense is pesky, annoying teams and making them earn everything. The offense can be tricky, mixing things up well and confusing defenses. However, they don’t hit on their deep shots, which limits their ceiling. The schemes are not the issue, but the execution is lacking this year. Still, there are numerous and obvious bright spots.

San Diego State

  • Objective Grade: C-
  • Adjusted Grade: D

The Aztecs were expected to take a step back this year from last year’s West division championship team. Instead of one step, it appears they have taken several steps back. Their offense has looked completely lost as of late, and even the normally stout running game has proven ineffective as teams can load the box. San Diego State’s defense is still good but no longer elite (despite some talented defensive players) and they can’t keep them in games like they have in past seasons. They have been disappointing, to say the least.

San Jose State

  • Objective Grade: B+
  • Adjusted Grade: A

The Spartans were a dark horse pick to play in the conference championship game this season and that looked foolish after their start to the season. However, the team has pulled things together the past month or so and now look at good as anyone in the Mountain West. The offense, especially, has find its groove, with all the transfer players now coming together and looking formidable. With an easy schedule remaining, San Jose State is now in the driver’s seat to win the West division and play for their second conference championship in three seasons.


  • Objective Grade: B
  • Adjusted Grade: A

The Rebels have been the conference’s most improved team this season, which is great to see for a program that had to go through many lean seasons recently. Their offense has been explosive and extremely balanced, scoring through the air and on the ground. On the other side of the ball, UNLV’s defense has been effective in neutralizing opponents. Injuries are starting to pile up on them, but they are right on track to make a bowl this season, which is a big success.

Utah State

  • Objective Grade: C
  • Adjusted Grade: C

Most neutral observers expected the Aggies to take a step back this season, reaching a bowl game but not the conference championship. They still have a chance to do this, but the fall from grace has been a bit sharper than Utah State has hoped for. The offense appears to be finding its footing with a quarterback change, but largely it has been inconsistent. Overall, they look like an average team in the Moutain West this year, at least through the first half of the season.


  • Objective Grade: B-
  • Adjusted Grade: B+

After losing so many players to the transfer portal this offseason, Wyoming entered the year as one of the youngest teams in the country. That inexperience showed earlier in the season, but they have come on stronger as of late. The offense is looking more balanced than it has in recent years, with the threat of a passing game opening things up in the run game. The defense looked lost in the early going but has rounded into shape as well. It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys fare the second half of the season.