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Boise State Runs Rampant in Win Over Fresno State

The Milk Can will stay Boise after a 20-point victory on The Blue.

Fresno State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

Famed scholar Isaac Newton declared that “A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”

Boise State’s run game exemplified that sentiment Saturday night, running for over 300 yards and having two 100-yard rushers in back-to-back games for the first in program history.

Taylen Green threw his first passing touchdowns of his career and made more of an emphasis to go for passes down the field.

Some completed, most were not.

But he developed and there were hardly any pre-snap penalties or wasted timeouts.

Despite a few freshman mistakes, one being an interception that allowed the Bulldogs to start in the red zone, Boise State dominated the second half and were able to double Fresno State’s score line.


1st Quarter (10:58) - 9-yard pass from QB Taylen Green to WR Billy Bowens (Dalmas PAT)

Boise State 7 - Fresno State 0

1st Quarter (5:33) - 1-yard run by QB Logan Fife (Montano PAT)

Boise State 7 - Fresno State 7

2nd Quarter (13:33) - 24-yard field goal by K Jonah Dalmas

Boise State 10 - Fresno State 7

2nd Quarter (9:58) - 21-yard field goal by K Jonah Dalmas

Boise State 13 - Fresno State 7

2nd Quarter (3:59) - 5-yard run by WR Nikko Remigio (Montano PAT)

Boise State 13 - Fresno State 14

2nd Quarter (2:58) - 13-yard run by RB Ashton Jeanty (Dalmas PAT)

Boise State 20 - Fresno State 14

2nd Quarter (0:00) - 35-yard field goal by K Abraham Montano

Boise State 20 - Fresno State 17

3rd Quarter (8:57) - 29-yard field goal by K Abraham Montano

Boise State 20 - Fresno State 20

3rd Quarter (0:46) - 5-yard pass from QB Taylen Green to RB George Holani (Dalmas PAT)

Boise State 27 - Fresno State 20

4th Quarter (9:52) - 33-yard field goal by K Jonah Dalmas

Boise State 30 - Fresno State 20

4th Quarter (6:32) - 24-yard field goal by K Jonah Dalmas

Boise State 33 - Fresno State 20

4th Quarter (0:35) - 12-yard run by RB Ashton Jeanty (Dalmas PAT)

Boise State 40 - Fresno State 20





  • Boise State put up 20 points in the first half, its highest mark on the season.
  • Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter looked to open up the field with more downfield action in the passing game, but that is still an area for Green that needs to be refined.
  • Taylen Green looked more in control of the offense in his second career start and was more decisive. Two throws on the first drive were great, those being an attempt to Latrell Caples in the endzone that was on his hands before falling to the ground and a dime in the back of the endzone that Billy Bowens was able to bring down.
  • Green did have a learning moment when he threw off his backfoot, rolling out to the left as he was easily picked off. This comes with the territory of a talented QB that is still young and raw.
  • George Holani ran all over the place, eclipsing 150 yards on the ground and averaging 9.2 yards per carry. He also added on a lung rumble of 59 yards to his stat line.
  • Ashton Jeanty did his part within the dynamic running back duo, powering through the Fresno State defense to reach 109 yards on the day, along with two touchdowns.
  • The receivers did their job. While they didn’t have a monumental day as a position group, they made plays when called upon and TE Riley Smith led the day with 44 receiving yards.
  • After a subpar performance in the first half, the Bronco defense came out of halftime with a vengeance as they only allowed three points throughout the entire second half.
  • With a mobile QB under center for Fresno State, the Boise State pass rush didn’t have a ton of success. However, once the Bulldogs were forced to pass to remain in the game, the Broncos feasted.
  • LB Ezekiel Noa had a terrific outing that may be labeled as his best performance while at Boise State. He registered two TFLs, one sack, one forced fumble, and his first interception.
  • Demitri Washington and Divine Obichere both found their way to the backfield, accounting for half-a-sack each.
  • Rodney Robinson joined in on the fun and was able to make his first career interception as well.
  • Jonah Dalmas did what he does best. Saving Boise State’s bacon in the red zone. Dalmas went a perfect four-for-four on the night and accounted for 16 of Boise State’s 40 points.
  • Will Ferrin took over punting duties with James Ferguson-Reynolds out due to non-injury/discipline issues. He only averaged 35.5 yards on two punts, but he didn’t make a catastrophic mistake.

Going Forward

Coming off of back-to-back Mountain West wins against the West Division, Boise State will get a chance to rest up this week with a bye on the schedule.

The Broncos have momentum and with Air Force losing to Utah State this past weekend, the Mountain Division looks ripe for the taking.

After the bye, Boise State will travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado to take on the Air Force Falcons. This game will be on Saturday, October 22nd.

What are your thoughts on the Boise State - Fresno State result?

Leave your comments down below.