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Fresno Falls Flat

Dogs lose to UCONN 19-14

NCAA Football: Fresno State at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In what can only be classed as the worst loss in program history, (go ahead, try to find me a worse one in modern history), Fresno State looked absolutely lost Saturday afternoon, and lost to UCONN 19-14. A UCONN team that hadn’t won against an FBS opponent in 2 years. A UCONN team that Fresno State shut out 45-0 last year. A UCONN team that got beaten down by Utah State in Week 1. That UCONN team just beat Fresno State in all phases of the game to drop the Bulldogs to 1-3. All of the pre-season hype, and even dreams of a bowl game, instantly evaporate. This was coming out of a bye week, and that was all they could come up with? Logan Fife looking absolutely lost on offense, and offensive line that couldn’t block a paper bag, and a defense that fell asleep on every 3rd down. There better be some staffing and personnel changes before they face Boise next week, or this season can go completely down the drain by the time Jake Haener returns.

At least Nikko Remigio got his first punt return touchdown of the year. That’s my only highlight. The rest was abysmal. Fresno State is now in the running for worst team in the conference. Great job Jeff Tedford, you really kept up the momentum from Kalen DeBoer.