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Peak Perspective: The MWCConnection 2021 Year in Review

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for following along with us the past year as we strive to bring you the best coverage of the Mountain West we possibly can. Yet again, we take a day to revisit some of our more memorable posts from the previous year. Some of these are on here because they were some of our most viewed posts this year. Some are on here because they were very original or relevant posts at the time. And some were on here just because they were fun or interesting ideas.

Hawaii football moving to a new field.

Some shocking news to start the year as the Rainbow Warriors as they had to move fields for the foreseeable future.

College Football Video Games are back!... eventually.

This announcement led to tons of excitement around the internet. Now we play the waiting game.

NCAA Gender Equality Problems.

Inequality in women’s sports hit a boiling point during the NCAA Tournament. We logged the lowlights here.

OT Rule Changes... boo!

Someone decided the overtime rules in college football needed to be changed and we dove into the reasons why it was a terrible idea. But at least it prevented 9 OT games right? right?

A New Era of Transferring.

The long-rumored one-time transfer rule was approved and put into effect. Now college football will never be the same.

A New Spin on Recruiting.

In one of our favorite interviews for the year, we learned about a first-of-its-kind recruiting app, designed to match schools and athletes in order to fit the best fit for both parties. It’s as of recruiting was a dating app.

Outside Look Series.

Our series from last summer interviewed different people who are not affiliated with the Mountain West and asked about their impressions of the conference.

Kimmel Bowl.

Jimmy Kimmel has found his way into the Mountain West when he began to sponsor the LA Bowl, which is the new MWC bowl.

Interview with the new SJSU MBB Coach.

Our guy Vic landed an interview with the new basketball coach for the Spartans. Read all about it.

Did the Mountain West lose the G5 Arms Race?

A dive into how the MWC has lagged behind the AAC the past few years, why it has happened and what they need to do to close the gap.

Transfer Portal Winners and Losers.

With new transfer rules come new transfer-related posts. And this one is examining the MWC winners and losers of the transfer season.

Remember when the realignment talk was a thing?

We were all over it with our realignment coverage. We discussed possibilities, Boise State getting shut out, what the MWC should do, what a PAC/MWC merger would look like, a half-joking look at poaching PAC-12 teams, reports of Air Force & Colorado State leaving for the AAC and then staying.

The Return of Stats Corner!

After a hiatus, Toby returned and brought us more stats-related posts. And we are all better for it.

An inside look at SJSU and how they are managing NIL.

This was the test year for NIL and we scored an insider view of how one school is trying to handle NIL and all the outcomes of the new rule.

Men’s Basketball Media Days.

We invested more into basketball coverage this year with Alex leading the charge. He was ever on hand for Media Days this year. We also did pre-season coverage here, here, here, and here.

In case you didn’t know, Power 5 bias is still around.

Some of them woke up and realized they weren’t getting all the privileges they wanted to get. Thus, they are now in the process of trying to change the rules.

Full Speed ahead with the Coaching Carousel.

Every year around the end of the season, coaching news heats up in the Mountain West. It’s been an active time, with Deboer going to Washington, Steve Addazio being fired by Colorado State, and Jay Norvell leaving Nevada to go to Colorado State.

Hope you enjoyed our content from 2021. Get ready for more in 2022!