Parity in College Football

After hearing the UNLV score, I wasn't surprised of that but, shocked the way S Dakota State played CSU in Ft Collins. Then watched the Wyoming v MSU Bobcat game, saw a good (FCS) team give Wyoming all they could handle as well.

Saw FSU play and threaten to beat #10 Oregan in Eugene to which Oregan finally prevailed as I applauded the Bull Dogs. SJSU played and hung tough with #15 USC in LA and a hard fought game, that due to SJSU mistakes late, was very competitive.

Then seen the outcome of other MWC teams, spoke volumes of where College football is at today. It seems that good, talented players are now finding homes in mid majors programs. But what is surprising even more, this tells me the FCS programs are also stocking up on over looked high grade talent.

Eample: Montana vs #21 Washington upsetting heavily favored Washington in Seattle. We're beginning to see parity in the college ranks for these outcomes to be so numerous. This may in fact be a good reason why P5 Conferences are attempting shut out Mid Majors and now perhaps FCS teams.

Problem with that is, Arena football went wayside due to their exclusivity as did indoor football. Fans watching might want to see inclusion to test other programs with those that see themselves as elites. 2021 may become the season that robs the SEC and perhaps the Big10, PAC12 and ACC from attempting their exclusivity.

Interesting to say the least, give me your thoughts and views.