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Mountain West in the Polls

Fresno makes a big move and San Diego State inches closer

NCAA Football: UNLV at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It may not have been their best performance of the year, but Fresno State was able to use an eight point victory over UNLV to make a big move in the polls. The Bulldogs are now ranked 18th in the AP Poll and 21st in the Coaches Poll. Somehow, they are still ranked behind the UCLA team they beat in the Coaches Poll. Can someone explain that to me?

San Diego State is creeping closer to the top 25, they are just three spots out of the AP Poll and four spots out of the Coaches Poll. Wyoming received one vote in the Coaches Poll, after narrowly defeating UConn.

How do you think the rankings reflect the Mountain West to this point? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.