The Impact of Vaping on Football Players

Football players can smoke marijuana in countries where its recreational use is legal. However, it’s illegal for football players to smoke cannabis in countries like the United Kingdom, where the law criminalizes it. But smoking is different from vaping. What’s more, vaping and smoking may affect football players differently.

Over the years, researchers have published study reports highlighting the harmful impact of smoking on human health. Consequently, many organizations have criticized any form of smoking. Additionally, many governments have taken action to curb this behavior.

Today, the world has many policies relating to the advertisement and sale of cigarettes. And this bashing of traditional smoking led to the rise of vaping as people turned to vape pens and other electronic cigarettes. Football players have also not remained behind, especially those wanting to quit smoking but can’t without getting their daily nicotine dose. But, how does vaping affect football players?

Vaping Is Not Smoking

When a person vapes, they inhale and exhale vapor or aerosols through a battery-powered electronic device. Vaping is relatively new and popular among young people and celebrities. Some people think vaping is smoking, which is not the case. Vaping involves using electronic cigarettes or vaping devices. These devices are not the same as traditional cigarettes due to their different structures.

What’s more, vaping doesn’t involve combustion. Thus, a person does not produce smoke when vaping. Instead, they inhale and exhale a vapor. While traditional smoking generates a pungent smell, vaping doesn’t smell. That’s why many smokers are switching to vaping.

What’s more, some advocates of vaping argue that vapes have fewer harmful chemicals and toxins than conventional cigarettes. For this reason, people are switching to vaping to avoid the diseases that health experts associate with traditional cigarettes.

So far, some experts argue that vaping can affect an athlete’s physical performance. Nevertheless, some people believe vaping and cardio go hand-in-hand. Like other athletes, football players undergo severe training. Some people believe that vaping can boost athletic performance. However, many experts question this argument.

Positive Effects of Vaping on Football Players

Public Health England published an independent expert evidence review showing that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. Additionally, research has shown that modern vaping can impact the performance of an athlete positively. Here are the potential positive effects of vaping on football players.

Improving Cardio Performance

Any football player that wants to start vaping should be cautious. Nevertheless, football players can benefit from vaping because it can boost their overall cardio performance. Vaping advocates believe that vaping can enable a football player to run longer. Athletes that smoke cigarettes suffer from breath shortness during heavy workouts and extended exercise sessions. However, vaping enables athletes to engage in heavier lifting during strength training.

Mood Improvement

Some football players feel anxious when going to a match. Using the best vape pen to vaporize nicotine can trigger the brain’s pleasure sensors. Thus, football players can feel good if they vape nicotine before a batch. And this can help them focus on playing and winning. What’s more, vaping can potentially motivate a football player that feels low before a match.

Energy Improvement

Using a vape pen containing nicotine can give a football player some energy boost. That’s because nicotine stimulates the body, thereby increasing heart rate gently. Ideally, vaping nicotine provides the kick-start the nervous system needs to increase the body’s energy levels. Thus, vaping before a football match provides the buzz a player needs to perform better in the field.

Enhancing Stamina

Many sports experts do not recommend traditional cigarette smoking for football players. That’s because this habit lowers stamina and can affect athletic performance negatively. Ideally, football players and other athletes should work out to maintain health and body fitness. However, proper vaping can improve a player’s stamina. Thus, safe vaping can help a football player start a workout routine.

Weight Control

Football players can control their weight by vaping nicotine. Any athlete should have a healthy posture. As such, football players stick to diet plans and workout schedules. And nicotine can potentially help a football player with weight marinating.

Adverse Effects of Vaping on Football Players

Although vaping might seem beneficial to football players, it has adverse effects. These include the following.

Throat Irritation

Research has revealed that vaping can irritate the throat and eyes. In most cases, this happens when a person overdoses. Therefore, football players can experience throat irritation after vaping frequently. But, this depends on the vape juice and the device the player uses.

Once vaping irritates the throat, a player can experience a cough and breathing difficulties. And this can affect their athletic performance negatively since the body requires sufficient oxygen to perform optimally.


Some football players invest in the best vape pens but vape e-juices with harmful ingredients that cause dehydration. Consequently, the player’s body will need more water to maintain a healthy hydration level during a football match.

Addiction Risk

Nicotine addiction makes quitting traditional smoking difficult for many people. For football players, the line between a habit and an addiction can be fragile. If a player gets used to vaping nicotine before a match, they may not perform well if they don’t do it. Thus, they may develop nicotine dependence. And overcoming this addiction might necessitate going to rehab. What’s more, vaping can get a football player negative publicity and affect their career and performance negatively. Thus, football players that want to vape should be careful and invest in quality vaping products.

Parting Shot

Football players can start vaping for different reasons. For instance, this habit enables some players to relax after the match while boosting concentration and performance in others. Some athletes use the best vape pens for e-liquid because they allow them to control body weight. However, this habit can impact a football player negatively if not careful. For instance, using the wrong vaping product can hurt a player’s health. What’s more, football players can attract negative publicity with their vaping habits, ruining their career and performance. Therefore, moderation is the key for footballers that want to start vaping.