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View From the Stands: Broncos Lose in Heartbreaking Fashion

The same questions continue to haunt Boise State

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State came out on fire, the offense was moving the ball and the Broncos looked like they would have a comfortable lead going into halftime. Then the last four minutes happened. It was like Orlando all over again. A questionable pass interference and a late fumble resulted in a 21-20 deficit going into the half. Neither team would score in the second half and it became a story of missed opportunities, instead of a season changing victory. Sure there were some questionable calls, but all three phases of the game did not play to their potential on Saturday night. Let’s take a look at how each unit performed.

Offense: D

Look, the defense didn’t do the offense any favors by allowing Oklahoma State to dominate the time of possession in the third quarter. But this was the tale of two halves once again. Play calling left fans scratching their head and the lack of pass protection left quarterback Hank Bachmeier eating turf for much of the second half.

Changes need to be made on this side of the ball. Maybe they need to give some younger offensive lineman a shot or maybe it is time to give a more mobile quarterback like Jack Sears a few series. I don’t think Hank is the problem, but a more mobile quarterback could help to mask some of the deficiencies the offensive line has. Whatever the problem is, the Broncos have to figure out a way to pick up more yards on the ground.

Defense: C

Coaches made adjustments and were able to slow down the Oklahoma State run game in the second half. But Jaylen Warren absolutely punished the Boise State defense. The Broncos have to find a way to slow down these big punishing running backs and stop the long runs between the tackles. The defensive line was supposed to be the strongest unit on this team and the secondary was supposed to be the weakest. That hasn’t been the case to this point, as they play of the secondary has been a great surprise for the Broncos.

Special Teams: C

Special teams play has been above average all year, but they couldn’t make the one play they needed to make. The late missed kick, it has haunted Boise State for the past decade. It cost the Broncos a Rose Bowl in 2010, a BCS game in 2011, a Mountain West Championship in 2018 (blocked PAT), and now a win over a Big 12 opponent. It hurts, you have to make the big plays when they matter most.

What stood out to you about the Broncos 21-20 loss to Oklahoma State. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.