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Mountaintop View 9-15-21. Athletic Rankings, Expansion talk, Recruiting limits, VBall upset, MWC in NFL.

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Houston Baptist v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

It’s halfway through the week and Mountain West games are just two days away. As always, the links press on. Check out what is coming your way today and the rest of the week.

The Athletic 130 Rankings.

All teams ranked. The Mountain West still isn’t getting much love. Nevada is the first MWC program, coming in at #30. Boise State and actually dropped despite winning and SJSU dropped despite being on a bye. Fresno State and SDSU made significant leaps but are still on the wrong side of 40. UNLV and Colorado State are in the bottom 10.

Expansion coming to the Mountain West?

The rumor mill isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Dennis Dodd reports that Boise State and Memphis are still very much in play to join the Big 12, likely when Texas and Oklahoma leave in a few years, which will get the conference to 14 teams. The conference has said it doesn’t have plans for more expansion but isn’t closing the door on it, whatever that means. Who knows what to believe anymore.

NCAA raising the recruiting bar.

It’s been speculated for months and this week, things are taking another step forward. This report says the 25 player signing limit for recruiting will be expanded to 32. This is done as a direct reaction to the one-time transfer rule, which has made recruiting the transfer portal directly at odds with traditional high school recruiting. If approved, teams could replace each out-bound transfer with an in-bound transfer, up to seven players maximum. This cap would be put into place to keep teams from cutting players in hopes to gain better players in the transfer portal. Those who leave for the NFL or retire would not be able to be replaced.

Boise State Volleyball with a historic win.

MWC Players are Among the NFL’s Best.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Peak Perspective: Peak Perspective: The Mountain West has lost the Realignment Battle & now needs to win a battle (or two).
  • Later today: Week 2 Bowl Predictions.
  • Later today: By the numbers: A look at Nevada’s 2-0 start.
  • Thursday: Hawaii vs SJSU: 3 things to look for, prediction
  • Thursday: Wolf Pack Week 3 opponent preview and prediction: Kansas State Wildcats
  • Thursday: Spartans face rival Bows in another quick turnaround business trip
  • Friday: More game previews coming your way.