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MWC Recruiting Roundup 8-2-21. August Team Recruiting Rankings.

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s another week of the MWC Recruiting Roundup.

Can you tell recruiting is in a dead period?

This week was another slow year, which makes sense as teams are more focused on preparing for the season at this point. There were barely any offers (six) and the same goes for commits (also six). Air Force and Utah State both had new commitments, along with UNLV and Wyoming, but San Jose State combined offers and a commit, so they get a turn for the cover photo.

Class of 2021 Cover Photo Total:

  • Utah State: 6
  • Air Force: 4
  • Boise State: 3
  • New Mexico: 3
  • Colorado State: 1
  • Fresno State: 1
  • Hawaii: 1
  • San Diego State: 1
  • San Jose State: 1
  • UNLV: 1
  • Wyoming: 1

Recruiting Calendar:

We are currently in a dead period for the month of August. After this past year, everyone should be familiar with what a dead period is. There is no in-person contact permitted between coaches and recruits, either on-campus or off-campus.

Also, August 1st is the first day schools can send official (written) offers to players. If you see recruits tweeting official offers from schools they have already announced offers from or even committed to, this is why. Also, sometimes a recruit who previously announced an offer from a team will not receive an official offer. Official offers will often show how serious teams still are about a player.

Air Force Commitment Tracker:

Since the Air Force Academy regularly has around 100 commits in each class, it’s kind of fun to track them over the course of the year.

Number of Falcon verbal commits: 34

August Team Recruiting Rankings:

For comparison’s sake, take a look at the July rankings.

Disclaimer: These rankings are not a projection of what will happen, but a snapshot of where things stand now.

1) Boise State

2) Utah State

3) San Jose State

4) San Diego State

5) Nevada

6) Colorado State

7) Fresno State

8) Air Force


10) Wyoming

11) New Mexico

12) Hawaii


As many of you may know by now, I like to also break lists like these down into tiers. Tiers can be helpful to provide a different angle to look at things. If one made an argument for flipping some of the spots on this list but kept them within the same tier, I wouldn’t put up much of a debate.

Tier 1: Boise State, Utah State

Tier 2: San Jose State, San Diego State

Tier 3: Nevada, Colorado State, Fresno State

Tier 4: Air Force, UNLV

Tier 5: Wyoming, New Mexico, Hawaii

Commitment Spotlight:

Recruiting Updates:


  • LB Gavin Hambrick was offered by Boise State
  • DB Joseph Swen was offered by Colorado State
  • 2023 RB Dijon Stanley was offered by SJSU
  • 2023 RB Roderick Robinson II was offered by SJSU
  • WR/DB Nathan Acevedo was offered by UNLV
  • TE/DE Nick Morrow was offered by UNLV


  • WR Dylan Evans committed to Air Force
  • DB Nick Flegler committed to Air Force
  • LB Justin Stearns committed to SJSU
  • OL Griffin Hadlock committed to Utah State
  • DE Aubrey Scott committed to UNLV
  • OL Rex Johnsen committed to Wyoming


  • RB Cameron Sampson decommitted from Nevada

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