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MWCConnection Roundtable: Which team will have the best offense this season?

Let’s ask the team.

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by David J. Becker/Getty Images

Fall camp is here. The season is getting closer every day. The Roundtable is close to wrapping up but there are still a few more remaining questions before the season starts. This week the question is: which team will have the best offense in the 2021 season?

Mike: For me, there are a few offenses to consider, but there is one clear pick. I looked at Nevada, San Jose State, and Boise State. I hesitate on the Spartans since they lost their top two wide receivers and won’t be taking the conference by surprise this year. Boise State should be much improved getting George Holani back but I need to see it to believe it with their o-line. The safest and clear choice for me is the Wolf Pack. They have Carson Strong at the height of his powers and seemingly endless weapons around him. Getting Elijah Cooks back from injury to go with Romeo Doubs, and Cole Turner form a receiving trio that is dynamic. Adding in Melquan Stovall, Justin Lockhart, and Tory Horton, and Toa Taua in the run game, and the offense should be running on all cylinders.

Adam: I will have to choose the Wolf Pack too. This was difficult because I kept going back and forth between the Pack and Boise State. I’m just not quite sure how much fireworks we will see with Avalos at the helm in Boise, but the Broncos do have Bachmeier surrounded with some firepower. However, with Strong at QB and a 1-2 punch in the backfield with Taua and Lee with their receiving corps and Norvell’s offensive mind, it’ll be tough to slow down Nevada this season. Should make for a great MWC Championship Game in December.

Graham_Gibson: This is going to be an interesting question between San Jose State, Boise State, and Nevada at this point. As Mike pointed out, San Jose State lost their two top receivers and everyone will be on the lookout for them this year after last year. Boise State is going to be intriguing, but Hank Bachmeier hasn’t been able to stay healthy and George Holani also needs to stay healthy. Khalil Shakir and CT Thomas are known contributors at receiver but the third receiver is a little bit more of an unknown even though Stefan Cobbs is impressing. Looking at the Wolfpack, they bring back Carson Strong, and they also have an established group of receivers in Elijah Cooks, Romeo Doubs, and Cole Turner. There are also other talents such as Toa Taua and Justin Lockhart. There is a ton of talent on Nevada’s offense and Boise State’s offense, but I’m giving Nevada that nod because they have an established third receiver and the Boise State offensive line has struggled the past few years.

Danny: This is a tough one. As everyone has mentioned, it really comes down to three teams. It’s Boise State, Nevada, or San Jose State. I’ll eliminate San Jose State to start. They lose a bit of firepower on offense, plus “team of destiny” type seasons rarely repeated themselves. San Jose State will still be formidable, but heavy is the head that wears the crown. 2021 will be a different beast.

That leaves Nevada and Boise State. Here I’ll give a slight edge to the Wolf Pack. My thinking is that Nevada will be gangbusters out of the gate while it’s conceivable that Boise State will require some time to adjust to a brand-new offense. By seasons end I predict the Broncos will have the “hottest” offense, but that Nevada will lead the way statistically. Of course, this all hinges on the health of Carson Strong, if he misses a few games to start the season (as might be the case) I’d flip-flop and take the Boise State offense.

Alex: As much as it pains me to give that team up north, Nevada, so much credit, they come into the season with the most talented offense, which will parlay into having the best offense this season. It starts with Carson Strong, who I think is the best quarterback in the conference. And he has three great receivers who he’ll get to throw to this year with Elijah Cooks, Romeo Doubs, and Cole Turner. The Wolf Pack were picked to win the West division and their great offense is likely the reason why and it should propel them to a division championship this season. Other teams that everyone should keep an eye on are San Jose State and Hawaii. For the Spartans, Nick Starkel will give Strong a run for his money as best QB in the conference, and Hawaii always puts up a lot of points, and should again this year with Chevan Cordeiro under center and Calvin Turner Jr. The West division will be a lot of fun this year with all the great offenses we will see this season.

NittanyFalcon: Short and sweet: if Boise State played every game against the Falcons, it would be the Broncos, but looking at the situation conference-wide, I think it has to be Nevada. The combination of Carson Strong and the stable of receivers in a spread offense makes it hard for anyone to stop the Wolfpack. Add in Toa Taua, and it gets more difficult.