The end of the rainbow: reviewing Hawaii's Under Armour unis

University of Hawaii Athletics announced last week it had entered a four-year partnership with adidas to be the new official athletic footwear, apparel and accessory brand for the Rainbow Warriors — ending its previous deal with Under Armour that began 2008 and was set to run through 2022.

For Hawaii student-athletes and fans alike, that meant new uniforms for the upcoming school year which were unveiled just in time for Mountain West Media Day.

As pointed out, the green on the jersey does appear a bit more teal than it should be. Also as seen here, the tapa pattern stripe has been removed from both the sleeve and pants.

Regardless, let's take a look at the UA threads through time. Some things to note:

  • Under Armour outfitted Hawaii's football teams with uniform sets for the 2008-10, 2011-14, 2015-17 and 2018-20 seasons.
  • Previously, Hawaii wore Nike-branded uniforms ending with the historic undefeated 2007 regular season run with a spot in the Sugar Bowl against Georgia. At that point, the Warriors had been rocking the overwhelmingly favorites all-black home since 2001 and white/silver away since 2005.
  • Starting with the 2013-14 school year, Hawaii unified its team's nicknames under the "Rainbow Warriors/Wahine" moniker.

UA means Uber Awesome

2008 – 2010

Hawaii White 2010

Hawaii White vs. Army 2010 (Go Army West Point)

Hawaii Green/White 2009

Hawaii Green/White vs. Navy 2009 (Navy Sports)

The white pants debuted mid-2009 and was an instant upgrade to the away white jerseys. It was later used with the alt green tops and cemented itself as one of the best uniforms in Hawaii history.

2011 – 2014

Hawaii vs. Nevada 2014

Hawaii Green Rainbow Retros vs. Nevada 2014 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii White Rainbow Retros vs Ohio State

Hawaii White Rainbow Retros vs. Ohio State 2015 (Ohio State Buckeyes)

Depending who you ask, the Rainbows are either awesome or awesome (unless you're a homophobic stooge). You'd think that a team who re-adopted the "Rainbow Warriors" name would use these on a regular occurrence, but you'd be wrong as it was only worn a total of SIX times. Also, Kelly Green is the best type of green.

2015 – 2017

Hawaii White Storm Troopers 2016

Hawaii White Stormtrooper vs. Michigan 2016 (Hawaii Athletics)

For some reason, going with white helmets was a polarizing choice amongst UH fans. But nonetheless, when used with these white tops/pants combo, it made for one of the better "Stormtrooper" looks in all of the country. The pants also had some subtle details for a nice added touch.

2018 – 2020

Hawaii Black 2018

Hawaii Black vs. Navy 2018 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii Green/Black 2020

Hawaii Green/Black vs. UNLV 2020 (Hawaii Athletics)

After all that, the return to black was magnificent. A simple design with the added tapa pattern stripes and the bonus of black helmets with the Hawaiian Islands on the left side.

UA means Under Achievers

2008 – 2010

Hawaii White/Green 2008

Hawaii White/Green vs. Utah State 2008 (Utah State Aggies)

These were the first looks into the UA era as Hawaii opened the 2008 season with this combo on the East Coast against Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators.

At the time, many considered those dark green helmets as one of the best in the country. Looking back at it now, the color being different than the green from the rest of the uni is stark in contrast. But matching colors of the helmet and fabric seems to be a tough ordeal, especially considering it'll appear different depending on the lighting situation and whether it is wet or not.

2015 – 2017

Hawaii Gray/Dark 2015

Hawaii Gray/Dark vs. UC Davis 2015 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii Gray/White 2016

Hawaii Gray/White vs. Nevada 2016 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii Gray/Green 2017

Hawaii Gray/Green vs. Fresno State 2017 (Hawaii Athletics)

Going gray was an interesting choice. It was the trend at the time, but it just didn't work for Hawaii no matter what color helmet they wore. Shame because the pants had some nice tribal details that UA was always conscious enough to incorporate into many of Hawaii's uniforms.

2018 – 2020

Hawaii White 2020

Hawaii White vs. San Diego State 2020 (Hawaii Athletics)

The white pants were only brought out for two total games, and while it matches well with the white tops, the different colored helmet and tapa stripe made it just a bit too clunky.

UA means Utterly Acceptable

2008 – 2010

Hawaii Black 2008

Hawaii Black vs. Weber State 2008 (Hawaii Athletics)

These unis had to follow the fan favorite all-black look from the June Jones era and they look just fine. Perhaps the white piping is a little weird, but it was just fine as a follow-up attempt for UA.

2011 – 2014

Hawaii Black/White 2012

Hawaii Black/White vs. Lamar 2012 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii White/Black 2015

Hawaii White/Black vs. UNLV 2015 (Hawaii Athletics)

I think these unis aged pretty well and the black tribal accents in the shoulder helped it mesh better with the dark green helmets. But the minor problem is the odd-looking "butt horns" and just the association of being attributed to the Norm Chow era.

2018 – 2020

Hawaii White/Black 2020

Hawaii White/Black vs. San Jose State 2020 (Hawaii Athletics)

Green (and the rainbow) should be more prominent in Hawaii's color scheme, but black will always be a good choice given the history of the program. Maybe going with black for the outer sleeve could've made this look more solid.

UA means Under Appreciated

2008 – 2010

Hawaii White/Green 2008

Hawaii White/Green vs. New Mexico State 2008 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii Green 2009

Hawaii Green vs. Fresno State 2009 (Boysie Koga via Idaho Press)

Every element of these unis flow and match well with another part of the uniform. Two problems: (1) Hawaii games were still being broadcast with low-quality SD cameras so the green pants just looked fuzzy and weird. (2) When the green tops got wet/drenched in sweat, it became too dark to match for the all-green look.

2011 – 2014

Hawaii White/Green 2012

Hawaii White/Green vs. Fresno State 2012 (Go Bulldogs)

Hawaii Black 2013

Hawaii Black vs. USC 2013 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii Green 2013

Hawaii Green vs. Colorado State 2013 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii Green/White 2014

Hawaii Green/White vs. Wyoming 2014 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii White 2015

Hawaii White vs. Nevada 2015 (Nevada Wolf Pack)

Again, I actually think these look great and the "butt horns" mesh way better with these combo looks. Sadly, these unis will only be associated with Norm Chow. Initially, he removed the last names on the backs of the jerseys. Then the green tops all had "I MUA" (meaning "to move forward" in Hawaiian) placed there before he finally brought the last names back.

UA means Unique Alternates

2011 – 2014

Hawaii Wounded Warrior 2012

Hawaii Wounded Warrior vs. UNLV 2012 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii Rainbow Alt 2013

Hawaii Rainbow Alternate vs. Army 2013 (Hawaii Athletics)

2015 – 2017

Hawaii Pink H 2015

Hawaii Pink H vs. San Diego State 2015 (Go Aztecs)

Hawaii Pearl Harbor Helmet 2016

Hawaii Pearl Harbor Helmet vs. New Mexico 2016 (Hawaii Athletics)

Hawaii White/Green Matte 2017

Hawaii White/Green Matte vs. Nevada 2017 (Hawaii Athletics)