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Mountaintop View 7-29-21

Realignment madness continues

New Mexico Bowl - Central Michigan v San Diego State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

Waiting game for how conference realignment impacts Aztecs, Mountain West

This topic is already exhausting, but it’s just getting started. The Mountain West is likely waiting for more dominoes to fall before we start seeing the potential for direct changes to conference membership. My money is on nothing changing among the 12 MWC programs, but who knows.

College football 2021 stability rankings — Rating all 130 FBS teams by coaches, roster and performance

Wyoming fans, enjoy the good times and don’t take them for granted. Craig Bohl has the Pokes in a great place. Air Force, San Jose State, Nevada, Hawaii, also crack the Top 50.

Apparently some Big 12 schools reached out to Craig Thompson in 2010

Insert subscription warning, but obviously these comments will raise some eyebrows among Mountain West fans. The silly season that is realignment reports/rumors is well underway. What do you fans think? Was Thompson spouting BS? Or was the MWC a legitimate option for several Big 12 programs? Could the opportunity be there again this realignment cycle?

Preseason awards list season slows down for nobody

Are we having fun yet? /sarcasm

Applause all around!

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