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Outside Look at the MWC: Adam Chimeo

Welcome to a new short summer series here at MWCConnection. I had the thought a few weeks ago that myself and others on the team here have formed thoughts and opinions over the years from following and writing about the Mountain West. But what does an “outsider” think about the Mountain West? So on Thursdays going forward, hear from different bloggers, reporters, coaches, and others as we ask them a few questions to get their perspective on the MWC. Enjoy.

Today’s post features: Adam Chimeo

Can you introduce yourself and where you fit in the world of sports?

My name is Adam Chimeo and I’m the managing editor of Addicted to Quack and the host of the Quack 12 Podcast.

How often do you watch Mountain West sports?

Obviously I watch a lot of PAC-12 sports, which inevitably leads me to a lot of Mountain West sports. I’ve watched my own beloved team get humiliated by Boise State in both basketball and football, and I’ve fully rooted for teams like Fresno State, Air Force and Hawaii when they take on a PAC-12 opponent I especially hate.

Can you name all 12 football-playing schools (without looking it up)?

Here’s how far I was able to get by memory: Boise State, San Diego State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Air Force, Colorado State, Nevada, UNLV, New Mexico State, Wyoming.

There are ten schools listed, however, I don’t need to tell you that New Mexico State is not in the Mountain West conference. So I guess I’m 9 out of 12. Sorry San Jose State, New Mexico, and Utah State.

Is there one sport where you think the conference is known for or excels in?

In my opinion it’s football. I know there have been some great basketball teams over the years, but Boise State’s success alone makes the conference a football conference. As a PAC-12 fan, I love watching the zany games against Hawaii (I’m a casual fan of the Rainbow Warriors and low-key want them to join the PAC), and a lot of times I’m rooting for San Diego State or Fresno State or whoever is playing against a team I don’t like because they regularly upset a sleeping mediocre Power 5 program.

But as a Duck fan, I hate Boise State. Which is probably another testament to the strength of their program… (and that they have a 3-0 record against Oregon football.)

What do you think are the strengths of the conference and what do you perceive as the growth areas?

I think the strength of the conference is its ability to create the occasional bracket buster or surprise 10-win team in football. Maybe the soon-to-be expanded playoff system will allow for more dream seasons from the conference, and that has to be a good thing as a whole.

What do you think the Mountain West needs to improve or change in order to be more competitive?

The same thing the PAC-12 needs to improve: make some daring moves to expand the visibility of the brand. However they can, they need to use present-day viewing habits to their advantage.

And, also, win some more games.