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Mountaintop View 7-14-21. Strong #1? NIL prep, what makes a rivalry? MLB Draft, coaching additions.

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We are at the mid-point of the week and with it comes the latest links pertaining to the Mountain West Conference and college sports in general. Check out what is coming your way today as the links press on.

Can Strong really be the top pick?

Chris Murray tried to answer the questions surrounding Carson Strong’s draft stock, which reached new heights last week when one outlet speculated he could go #1 in next year’s draft. Murray believes in his talent as a first-rounder but not enough to be the top pick in 2021. However he does say there isn’t a strong QB class so one or two may be drafted sooner than they should be due to need.

How to prepare Boise State players for NIL?

Athletes can market themselves or endorse products through the use of their name or brand. Specifically, at Boise State, players can’t use the school logo. Nor can they endorse any drugs or alcohol. Also, endorsement deals will be vetted by the university to ensure they adhere to state and school regulations and that athletes are receiving fair market value.

What makes a good rivalry?

Matt Brown tackles this question on Extra Points after talking with Know Rivalry, or KR Labs who studies sports rivalries in attempts to quantify it. factors that include competitiveness, frequency (you can’t really be rivals with somebody you only play once a decade), spatial proximity, and “distaste values”. The top CFB rivalry based on this, Arizona/Arizona State, with Michigan/Ohio State a close second.

MWC players selected in the MLB Draft.

Bronco Softball adds a coach.

On the horizon:

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  • Later today: Boise State Top 10 Players: #7
  • Thursday: Outside Look at the MWC with Jack Johnson
  • Friday: MWCConnection Roundtable: Potential defensive breakout players for each team?
  • Friday: Friday Night Lights Review S1E20.