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Outside Look at the MWC: Eric Henry

Welcome to a new short summer series here at MWCConnection. I had the thought a few weeks ago that myself and others on the team here have formed thoughts and opinions over the years from following and writing about the Mountain West. But what does an “outsider” think about the Mountain West? So on Thursdays going forward, hear from different bloggers, reporters, coaches, and others as we ask them a few questions to get their perspective on the MWC. Enjoy.

Today’s post features: Eric Henry

Can you introduce yourself and where you fit in the world of sports?

Eric Henry – Co-Managing Editor of Underdog Dynasty

How often do you watch Mountain West sports?


Can you name all 12 football-playing schools (without looking it up)?

I can’t (Utah, Boise State, Fresno State, Utah State, San Jose State, San Diego State, Nevada, UNLV, New Mexico, Wyoming were what I was able to name w/o looking)

Is there one sport where you think the conference is known for or excels in?


What do you think are the strengths of the conference and what do you perceive as the growth areas?

Strength: As a region, it’s centrally located – more or less. This is something that many of the Group of Five schools struggle with.

They have an identity because of the historical success of teams like Boise State, Fresno State. Plus, NFL draft picks such as Josh Allen. Also, the football programs have identities (Hawai’I, SJSU, SDSU).

What do you think the Mountain West needs to improve or change in order to be more competitive?

This is tough. Being based in the Pacific and Mountain time zones automatically creates somewhat of a disadvantage. In my opinion, the league could make a strong case that they’re as competitive as the American. However, more eyeballs will be on the league based on the East Coast. This is no fault of the league’s own – but the teams in “larger” markets need to perform (UNLV, SDSU, SJSU). In my opinion, that’s crucial to the success of any Group of Five league.