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Mountaintop View 6-28-21. Developing QBs, no more G5?, Rebel summer, Anderson looking forward, new coach.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 03 Navy at Air Force Photo by Mat Gdowski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s Monday and we’re back after the weekend. The links keep pressing on, so check out the latest Mountain West and college sports-related news from around the web, plus the original content we have coming your way this week.

How to develop and train a D1 QB.

Todd Dodge, the head football coach of Southlake Carroll, has won 6 titles with 5 different QBs in one of the toughest divisions of football in the country. What’s his secret? They identify players as early as 7th grade featuring a month-long program. They set expectations in leadership, accuracy, coachability, responsible, and willing to dedicate long hours at their craft. He expects his QBs to rush for 50 yards a game to show teammates their toughness. They develop their football IQ, technique, and leadership. It’s quite the read.

Will Playoff Expansion end the Group of 5 concept?

The term “Group of 5” brings some baggage with it, but when playoff expansion occurs, the term may be going away. With all conferences having an equal path (to some degree), conference affiliation won’t be as much of a factor. While conference media deals (which mean $$$) will certainly uphold the divide, equal playoff access should help recruiting and top G5 schools will actually be in a better position than mid-tier P5 schools. Likewise, it may keep coaches at those top schools longer, as those teams instantly become higher on the destination list.

Rebels looking forward to the season.

The UNLV football may not be having official practices but there is a lot going on this summer with lifting programs and player-run-pratices. There is a QB battle, Jacoby Windmon’s position change, new transfers on the DL and a need for internal improvement in the secondary. The Rebels look to improve upon their 2020 campaign.

New beginnings are both on and off the field for Blake Anderson.

It hasn’t been an easy path for Blake Anderson the past few years, but things are looking up. Getting remarried, spending time with good friend Matt Wells (the former USU coach) on the golf course, and now a new gig being the head coach of Utah State. There was a bout with Covid somewhere in there, but now Anderson is looking forward to fans in the stands this fall and the excitement of a new team.

Rebels hire their OL coach.

On the horizon:

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