2025 Tournament

2025 NCAA Division 1 Tournament SUGGESTION

Participants- 3 groups

Group 1-Last years Finalists (Winner in Spot # 1, Loser in Spot# 9)

Group 2-Top ten computer generated and verified NCAA Division 1A leaders not in Group 1

Group 3-Division 1AA winner and Commander-in-Chief winner (spots 7 and 15)

Tournament week one on 12/14/2025 Plays 12 teams (Bracket A 1-6, & Bracket B 9-14 ) Bottom of both brackets are bye brackets hosting the winners of Group 3 or wild card replacements.

Bracket A

1.Last years champion—






7.-Division 1AA champ—


Bracket B

9.Last year runner up-----






15.CIC or Wild Card Winner


Tournament week two includes all 6 of the week 1 winners plus the two winners of Group 3 . 12/22/2025 8 Team play to yield final 4 Teams

Tournament week three around new years eve/day 4 teams play to produce the two finalists.

Tournament week 4, on or around January 7th, 2026 NCAA Division 1 Championship Game.

Uniqueness of this tournament;

The last years top two teams are automatic qualifiers for the tournament.

The top NCAA Division 1AA team is qualified to play during Tournament week 2.

The winner of the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy is qualified to play during week two or is to be replaced by a wild card selection if there is no trophy winner this year.

Open Brackets will be filled by random draws and not openly assigned. All teams will face opponents regardless of Conference represented.

The Wild Card team would be the 11th highest computer generated choice and would be available in the event there is no Commander-in Chief winner (due to a three-way tie).

There is no limit on Conference eligibilities as long as top teams are computer generated and verified. Otherwise, IF selected by a selections committee, no Conference may be entitled to more than two entrants including those listed in Group 1 (the automatic qualifiers).

This tournament represents the entire NCAA Division 1, and unites all individual trophies into one overall winning team.