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Mountaintop View 6-18-21. Ignoring fans, 4 playoff questions, G-League, coaching moves, Kimmel Bowl.

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Take a deep breath. We have arrived at another Friday. Get your weekend started a bit sooner with our collected links and original content coming your way today.

CFP Playoff Expansion ignores fans.

Andy Staples says the expansion play balances the needs of the conferences but leaves the fans mostly ignored. The Group of 5 gets a guaranteed spot, the SEC gets at-large spots they hope to fill all by themselves, and other conferences got the disclaimer that only conference champs can secure the byes that come with the top 4 spots. The criticism is that the top four teams will play no playoff games at home, meaning fans will have to travel three times. He thinks fans will end up loving the first-round home games and want to see that increase.

Unanswered Questions about CFP Playoff Expansion

Matt Brown usually takes a practical and informative angle to every big announcement or decision. When it comes to the new playoff expansion talk, it is no different. He poses four questions that still need to be answered in his opinion: how will the players benefit? How will revenue be split among the P5/G5/independent teams? Will it affect scholarship/recruiting class limits? Will the make-up of the CFP committee change?

Alston Jr. invited to G-League Camp.

Former Boise State basketball player Derrick Alston Jr. did not get the coveted NBA Draft Combine invite. However, he was one of 40 players invited to the NBA G-League Camp, which takes place this weekend. A number of top performers will get an invite to the NBA Combine invite. Alston is joined by fellow MWC alums Matt Mitchell of SDSU, Orlando Robinson Jr of and Fresno State.

One coach is hired...

...While another one is leaving

Who do you have in the Kimmel Bowl this year?

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