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Mountaintop View 5-28-21. Recruiting app, Tampering, lack of opportunities, Fox schedule, no payday?

Fresno State v UNLV Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Take a deep breath. We have arrived at another Friday. Get your weekend started a bit sooner with our collected links and original content coming your way today.

A recruiting app?

James Sackville, a former punter, wanted to change the way players are recruited. He’s not there yet but he did something about it. James has developed a recruiting app. 5.5 years ago, he barely knew what American football was. At SMU he heard recruiting horror stories and has now launched Athletes in Recruitment (AIR), which attempts to translate the recruiting experience into a social network. It’s an extremely interesting development, but it’s future impact remains to be seen.

College Football Tampering.

Tampering is against the rules but near impossible to enforce, especially in the social media age. With the new transfer rule, many coaches will fear it will increase exponentially. And they are probably right. One high school football coach estimates 60% of teams are currently tampering and said he got four calls about one former player asking if he was looking to transfer. It sounds like college coaches use high school coaches and other third parties as go-betweens to get around the rules a bit. Will this become free agency?

Few women and minorities in top positions.

This isn’t surprising but it is noteworthy. Despite movements and awareness, most AD or top roles in athletics go to white men. It is said ADs get hired from pools of assistants with financial or fundraising experience. This article is full of facts and statistics highlighting the disparity in today’s college football world. It’s not new but it is still a reality. The question is: Will it ever change?

The Mountain West releases the Fox schedule.

Will mid-majors refuse payday games due to new transfer rule?

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