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Mountaintop View 5-10-21. Bball rule changes, NIL, Wyoming spring game, Lobo tennis, Bulldog softball.

Fresno State v UNLV Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

It’s Monday and we’re back after the weekend. The links keep pressing on, so check out the latest Mountain West and college sports-related news from around the web, plus the original content we have coming your way this week.

NCAA proposed basketball rule changes.

The NCAA discussed rule changes to football a few weeks ago and now it focuses on reshaping basketball rules. The biggest and most controversial is a technical foul given to players for flopping. Other changes would be increasing technology to give live stats to coaches during the game, increasing personal fouls from five to six, having the option for the shot clock to have tenths of a second displayed, and designating some called timeouts as media timeouts to increase the pace of the game. All of this will be voted on June 3rd.

Will the NCAA rule on NIL before this season?

Many states have passed legislation looking to pay athletes that will go into effect July 1st. The NCAA has discussed making a ruling but as the deadline approaches, nothing is in place. The state laws are seemingly more progressive than what the NCAA wants, so will that force Mark Emmert’s hand? It sounds like yes, as this post discusses how his hand is forced to make a decision around July 1st. Stayed tuned this summer.

Cowboy's new-look offense a success.

It was the spring game but consider the Wyoming offense a success. They even had an empty backfield set at one point, along with jet sweeps and deep balls. Both Sean Chambers and Levi Williams played well and raved about the offense. Both QBs accuracy was noticeably improved in the scrimmage.

Lobos Tennis comes to an end.

Bulldogs win the MWC, now are tourney bound.

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