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Mountaintop View 4-23-21. Cowboy opt-in, student section, Strong draftable, NCAA rules, women’s golf.

NCAA Football: UNLV at Nevada David Calvert-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday to one and all. Get your weekend started a bit sooner with our collected links and original content coming your way today.

Cowboy opt-outs easing back in.

In case anyone was wondering if there would be animosity between those who played last and those who didn’t, there are no worries. Although the six players haven’t played football in over six months, a few were starters, and all added depth. The transition back to the team seems to have been seamless thus far.

Nevada student section being moved.

Nevada announced a few changes to Mackey Stadium for the upcoming season, and the most interesting of those changes is the moving of the student section and band from the north to south endzone. The reason? According to the AD, it was primarily feedback from the students and also in attempts to make the stadium a more intimidating environment for visitors.

Strong in good company.

NCAA approves new rules.

MWC Women’s golf champions.

On the horizon:

Later today: Creating a Super League of Group of 5 Football Teams