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The NCAA Council announces a one-time transfer waiver.

The rumors had been swirling for months, and the outcome seemed inevitable. Then, this week, reports started to break that the decision would be finalized, which would result in the approval of a one-time transfer waiver for all student-athletes in any sport, regardless of the situation.

Here is the official announcement, and below are the highlights.

  • The legislation still has to be ratified by the board of directors, which meets on April 28th. It seems like a formality at this point.
  • This exception includes all sports. Any athlete looking for a new home or better fit can transfer to another school without facing the penalty of having to sit out for a season. Just like coaches or regular students can do.
  • In 2022 and beyond, the deadline to transfer to a new school will be May 1st for fall and winter sports and July 1st for spring sports if athletes want to compete in the next season. However, because the May 1st deadline is coming up soon, this year, the deadline will July 1st for all sports during the 2021-2022 cycle.
  • Exceptions would be made for a head coach leaving or a scholarship being canceled.
  • Athletes who are transferring to a new school must meet certain academic requirements, including being academically eligible.
  • Tampering, or the lack of tampering, is a listed point. Both the coach of the new school and the transferring player must certify that no tampering took place during the process. This is sure to be a point of contention as the ruling moves forward.
  • If student-athletes don’t meet or follow the requirements to qualify for a one-time transfer without sitting out, they can still transfer under the old rulings.
  • For student-athletes who want to learn more about this process and ensure they qualify, there will be opportunities for them to be educated about the process.
  • It sounds like the term “transfer portal” is here to stay, and players can continue to “enter” it as they leave one school and venture towards another.

These seem to be the main points of the one-time transfer ruling as it currently stands. MWCConnection will dive into these points and more next week, discussing the benefits and potential complications this will have an impact on going forward.