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Mountaintop View 4-16-21. Transfer waiver, end of dead period, MWC soccer awards, MWC coaches, OOC games.

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by David J. Becker/Getty Images

Happy Friday. Take a deep breath because we made it to the end of the week. Enjoy the links that we have for you today.

The NCAA has approved the one-time transfer rule.

After long last, the NCAA has approved the long-awaited transfer rule. Beginning this year, athletes will be able to transfer to another school without having to sit out for a season. It’s a decision that will alter the landscape of college football. There will be some challenges and some negative outcomes of this. The hope is that it does more to help athletes than it does to hurt them.

Dead period will finally end June 1st.

After long last, recruiting will return to a more familiar place in all sports, starting June 1st. State requirements may still restrict some schools, however. The NCAA counsel is trying to make up for lost time, as they will permit official on-campus evaluations in June and July for unofficial visits. The number of eval days will increase, and there will be more contact with high school juniors for this cycle, in attempts to make up for some lost time.

MWC Soccer awards and honors.

A random website ranking of MWC coaches.

Boise State is one of a few exceptions this year.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: The NCAA Counsil announces a one-time transfer waiver.