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Mountaintop View 4-15-21

More transfers, Hawaii updates, and more

Boise State v Hawaii Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

Wyoming point guard Marcus Williams enters transfer portal

Huge welp. This is a day old, but worth highlighting. Williams wasn’t just a stud for Wyoming, but figured to be one of the faces of Mountain West basketball moving forward. The transfer portal can certainly help mid-major programs in various sports, but man these ones hurt. I hope this isn’t the beginning of mid-majors becoming feeder systems for major conferences.

University of Hawaii launches campaign to host football games on campus

Hawaii is asking its fanbase for help financially, in need of $6 million for the prep required to play football games on campus at the Clarence T.C. Ching Complex. Aloha Stadium was shutdown back in January. Hawaii’s eventful off-season continues.

‘Bows football returns to spring training camp following quarantine of 81 players

While it does feel like we’re nearing the end of the pandemic, it’s not completely over just yet. Hawaii will now resume practice after having to quarantine for 10 days. Spring practice will now conclude on April 29.

UNLV Volleyball advances!

The transfer portal is about to become even more crowded

Well done, Mountain West student-athletes

On The Horizon:

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