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Mountaintop View 3-5-21

Broncos + INFLCR, Ram looks, Mad projections, MWC Tourney moments, XC.

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Colorado State The Coloradoan-USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy Friday. You know the drill. We scoured the internet for links, we compiled them all in this post, and you get to read the latest MWC news of the day. Enjoy your reading as you transition from weekday to weekend.

Boise State enters a partnership with INFLCR.

In a proactive move, yesterday Boise State announced they will enter into a multi-year partnership with INFLCR, which is a digital platform. It will be department-wide and will provide student-athletes with the resources to build their brands and prepare for the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) era.

A look at Todd Centeio.

Spring is a great time to start thinking about fall. This post looks at presumptive starting QB Todd Centeio. Having his qualities compared Tim Tebow or Russell Wilson is a good start. However, the skills and potential won’t be enough, he will have to start producing on the field. Coach Addazio thinks being healthy from injuries and being paired with better receivers will make a significant difference.

The latest Lundari projections (which may now not be the latest)

Revisit MWC Tourney moments as you prepare for the next one.

In addition to hardwood play, don’t miss the XC Championships.

On the Horizon:

  • Later: A Look into the MWC Tourney