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Mountaintop View 3-19-21. Tarkanian right? Hawaii legend, Game on, NCAA updates, Tennis POTW.

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NCAA Basketball: Nevada at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday. March Madness starts today and we have a few MWC related posts with an NCAA Tourney theme. Enjoy!

Was Jerry Tarkanian right all along?

Jerry Tarkanian built a consistent, winning program at UNLV, seemingly out of nothing. That success culminated in an NCAA championship. However, it all came crashing down amidst violation accusations and claims his players weren’t suited for college. At the time, he was portrayed as a villain, but in today’s landscape, he could just as easily be painted as a coach who defended his players and waged war against the NCAA. It’s a great read from the Athletic.

Hawaii signee was almost a March Madness legend.

QB Brayden Schager is a member of the 2021 Hawaii recruiting class. But when he was 10, he was also one game away for having the highest-ranked bracket on ESPN that year, out of 8.15 million. He had 12 of the top 16, 7 of the top 8, picked the final four and their winners, but not the championship game. Still, it was pretty legendary.

After a two-day break, Boise State will resume spring practices.

An update on the NCAA recruiting and transfer votes.

Mountain West Tennis Players of the Week.

On the Horizon:

  • Later: NCAA Tourney: How to Watch, Who Will Win, and Game Thread for the Mountain West teams in the tournament.