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MWC 2021 NFL Combine/Draft Stock Talk

Talking about the 4 MWC players who would have been at the combine.

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NCAA Football: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Though the 2021 NFL Combine has been canceled, the NFL still handed out combine invites to recognize this year’s group of players. They released the list in the first week of March, and four Mountain West Conference players received the honor.

This post will attempt to highlight each player with a snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses leading up to their respective pro-days, which will be their next opportunity to showcase their abilities.

TE John Bates (Boise State)

  • Strengths: Size, catching ability, blocking
  • Weaknesses: Speed, athleticism, college production
  • Current Stock: UP
  • The Draft Network: Ranked 235
  • Walter Football: #14 TE, projected 7-UDFA

WR Warren Jackson (Colorado State)

  • Strengths: Height, catching ability
  • Weaknesses: lack of top-end speed, lack of top-end route-running
  • Current Stock: EVEN
  • The Draft Network: Ranked 310
  • Walter Football: #24 WR, projected 3-5

WR Rico Bussey (Hawaii)

  • Strengths: Height, after the catch ability, hands, route-running.
  • Weaknesses: Off the field issues, injury history
  • Current Stock: UP
  • The Draft Network: Ranked 166
  • Walter Football: #42 WR, projected 5-7

CB Darren Hall (San Diego State)

  • Strengths: College production, getting hands on the ball, reading plays
  • Weaknesses: size, straight-line speed
  • Current Stock: EVEN
  • The Draft Network: Ranked 313
  • Walter Football: Not listed